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Blue Mikey Stereo Mic and Speaker for iPod

Record high quality audio to your iPod

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This product is discontinued
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Blue Mikey Stereo Mic and Speaker for iPod

Version 2 of the Blue Mikey condenser mic for iPod sports improved features include a USB passthrough, 230 degree rotation, and a line level input - a feature often requested by fans of the original Blue Mikey!

Although not officially supported, we have found the Blue Mikey works with 2nd and 3rd Generation iPhones.

If you have an iPod Touch 2G or iPhone, with the help of the Mikey - you can turn it into a 4-track recorder that fits in your pocket thanks to this very cool Four Track App that you can get from the App store!

N.B. The Blue Mikey does not work with the iPhone 4. Please see below for compatibility list.


Mikey fever is spreading around the Andertons office, and our purchasing assistant Karl liked the Mikey so much that he wanted to let everyone know just how great this little gadget is! We asked him some questions to find out what the Mikey can do.

How do you use your Mikey?
Mostly I use my Mikey for home recording in conjunction with the Four Track application (which can be found at the App Store online). I think all in all I have spent around £65 for the Mic and the application and I have to tell you there is no better value for money out there. A mobile four track recorder with the ability to layer in studio quality a definite must have for ANY musician who wants the option to record on the go!

I have also recorded live gigs with it which have come out extremely well! It has 3 different modes which are used for different gain settings so it doesnt matter how loud or how quiet your recording is, it will pick it up clearly.

The uses for the Mikey are almost endless though... You could record meetings, podcasts, or just quick notes. The sound quality is excellent, as you'd expect from a company like Blue, so you'll never be struggling to hear what you recorded.

How does it work if you don't have the Four Track App?
You dont need the fourtrack in order to use the Mikey - it works straight out of the box with the software on the iPod. It isn't just for the iPod Touch either, it works with almost every type of iPod you can buy. There are other recording applications it will work with too, as well as the Guitar Toolkit App which has a ridiculously accurate guitar tuner which can only be used if you have a microphone!

What do you like best about the Mikey?
The biggest plus for me is that I can have it on me at all times due to its size. It's always available to me for any inspirational moment throughout the day. I don't even have to worry about replacing any batteries in the Mikey because it runs off my iPod's juice!

Is the Mikey good value for money? Yes! - excellent value for money, and its made by Blue Microphones so you cant really go wrong.

So there you have it - and we can vouch for several more happy Mikey owners too! Just a few years ago, you couldn't have imagined being able to record your jams on-the-go without chunky equipment. This revolution means anyone can record great music in style, without the cost. Get your Mikey now before Blue realise and double the price!

Here's what Blue say about the Blue Mikey MKII

The all-new Mikey is the perfect tool for mobile recording. Featuring two custom-tuned Blue capsules for stereo recording, a line-input, USB pass through and a stylish updated 230-degree rotating design. Mikey's three gain settings allow for a versatile recording experience for everything from a loud concert to a whisper. Record lectures, voice notes, live music, interviews, and more. Mikey also comes with its own soft carrying pouch for convenient storage and protection while on the go. Mikey turns your iPod into the coolest mobile recording device around!


  • CD-quality audio recording direct to iPod
  • Includes free Blue FiRe recording app
  • Unique compact design for superior audio recording
  • 7 angle adjustments for any environment
  • 3 gain settings to capture the clearest stereo sound
  • Innovative design allows for superior audio recording
  • Perfect for lecture recording, concerts, voice memos, dictation, field recording, interviews, and travel journals
  • Works with iPod touch 1G, 2G, 3G; iPod nano 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G; iPod classic; iPod 5G


  • Transducer Type: Condenser, Pressure gradient
  • Polar Patterns: Cardioid
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz - 20kHz
  • Sample/word: 44.1/16bit
  • Weight: .18lb
  • Dimensions: 2.5" x 2.5" x 0.5" (in)

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