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Mesa Boogie Mark 5:25 Guitar Amplifier Head

Based on the Legendary Boogie Mark V

Written by

Jed Van Wyngaardt

Mesa Boogie are one of the most iconic amp makers in the world and their amps can be seen in best studios around the world and on some of the biggest stages as well. The Mark series of amps are among some of the most popular amps in Mesa Boogie's line up and the latest version the Mark V offers up a mixture of some of the most popular sounds from the Mark I, II, III, and IV amplifiers. Now in the Mark lineup we have the Mark 5:25 a mini version of the Mark V that covers the same range of tones and amplifiers as its big brother just in a smaller more affordable format.

Tone Versatility

Featuring 2 channels with 6 different modes available you get to choose from sounds that cover everything from the clean and crunch tones inspired by amps from the earlier days of the Mark series but lifted straight out of the current Mark V, to high gain tones that will have even the heaviest of players satisfied with exact recreations from the Mark IIC+, Mark IV and Mark V amplifiers.

Channel one covers you for everything from bright crisp cleans to saturated crunchy overdrives that really has enough gain to be placed in channel 2 and no one would bat an eye. The three modes in channel one are Clean, Fat, and Crunch.

Clean looks to give you the classic boogie sound that you would have found on an original 70's Mark I with a gain stage that goes up to the overdriven sound that made the amp so popular when it first launched over 40 years ago. The Fat mode takes the clean channel and as the name suggests makes it a bit fatter to give it more of a classic American amp vibe that could be found from amps like the Mesa Boogie Lonestar which sounds great for blues and rock drive sounds that clean up nicely when you roll back on the gain control or on your guitars volume control. The Crunch mode takes channel 1 to its limit delivering anything from low to heavily saturated gain sounds picking up from where the fat channel left us and taking us into high gain territory thanks to the mid / boost control.

The Mark IIC+ is the first mode in channel 2 of the Mark 5:25 and it has just like all of the modes in this amp been taken straight out of the Mark V with only slight modifications so you are still getting the most authentic and best recreations of these classic tones yet. This first mode looks deliver a strong mid range focused overdriven sound which works great for making yourself pop out a bit more when going into your solo but it also sounds great pulled back a little bit with the 5 way graphic EQ to create a strong heavy rhythm sound. With the Mark IV lead mode you go from the 80's mid focused and pushed tone to something a little bit more pulled back in terms of tone but with more gain to play with. This sound works really well for a slightly more modern sounding tone, With more saturation than the Mark IIC+ without loosing any definition this will become a go to lead tone for many hard rock and metal guitarists. The Xtreme mode (they couldn't quite fit the E on this tiny head) lifted straight from he Mark V this mode works really well for those that require an incredible amount of gain with low and mid response. For example it sounds fantastic with lower tuned or extended range guitars that require that tighter low end to make sure your notes come out clearly without getting lost in the mix.

That is all of the different modes but it does not end the folks! In this amp you also have a 5 band EQ lifted straight out of the Mark V amplifier that can be set to be on all the time or footswitchable for each channel so if you want to just use it on your lead sound no problem. You also have a Mid / Boost control on channel 1 that works as a full range mid control between 1 and 5, when you go past the midway point though it turns into a boost that adds extra saturation and pushes the preamp that little bit harder so you get even more out of your amp. This amp has been designed to be the one amp for any situation and it does it incredibly well. Not only do you get a wide range of sounds out of the box but you also have access to amazing tools that let you sculpt the amp to the exact sound you want.

Home, Studio or Stage

This amplifier not only has enough sounds built into it that you may never need to buy another amp again, it is also so small, lightweight and packed full of cool new tools that means no matter where you are this amp has something for you. To start off it is only 14" wide and weighs just 16.5 pounds so it is easily portable enough to take from gig to gig without much hassle and small does not mean quiet these days. This amp is very loud with 25w of EL84 power this amplifier can easily fill up a small to medium sized venue with no problem and if it starts to get too loud when you want to take it back home both channels can be independently swapped down to 10w for those times that you need a quieter amp or need to drive the power amp harder.

One new feature in this amplifier is the introduction of the Mesa CabClone built in to an amp. The Mesa CabClone allows you to completely shut off your speaker cabinet and instead run direct into a PA system, audio interface, headphone, or whatever else you can thing of thanks to the new simulated cabinet outputs that means you can record and practice in silence yet you can still here the amazing sounds coming from this small but powerful amplifier.

Whether you want to run it silently through a 1x12, 2x12 or 4x12 speaker configuration this amplifier kicks out a lot of power. Mesa Boogie do recommend using the Mesa 1x12 Widebody Closed Back cabinet or Mesa 1X12 Mini Rec cabinet with the Mark 5:25

Here's what Mesa Boogie say about the Mark 5:25 Amplifier

The MARK FIVE: 25 is born of thoroughbred stock that carries worldwide accolades and is still setting trends with top Artists 35 years after its unveiling. The MARK FIVE: 25, like the MARK FIVE it is born from, is really a collection of iconic amplifiers. There are far too many circuits and sounds to think of it as merely an amp... it's a living history of MESA/Boogie!
From the groundbreaking MARK I that introduced the world to high-gain with it's cascading preamp, to the Mark II - the world's first high gain Dual Mode Channel Switching amplifier (and it's later siblings that introduced Simul-Classpower). From the MARK III that ushered in the era of 3 Channel footswtching performance, to the MARK IV which gave all that power individual control, the MARK FIVE (and now the FIVE: 25) is the embodiment of the last 45 years of guitar amp evolution.


  • Designed AND Handcrafted in Petaluma, California USA
  • All-Tube Amplifier: 2xEL-84 Power Tubes & 6x12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
  • Patented Multi-Watt Channel Assignable Power Amp featuring Mesa's proprietary Dyna-Watt technology providing two power levels with different wiring configurations via independent 10/25 Watt Power Switches:
  • 10-Watt Mode utilizes 2 power tubes operating in Class A/B Triode for lush harmonics and liquid feel at lower volumes
  • 25-Watt Mode utilizes 2 power tubes operating in Mesa's exclusive Dyna-Watt Class A/B Pentode for maximum power, punch and clarity
  • Fully Independent Channels with 6 Style Modes:
  • Channel 1 Features: Clean, Fat or Crunch Modes with Multi-Watt Power Switch (10/25 Watts) - Independent Gain, Treble, Mid/Boost*, Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel) & Master Controls - *Powerful Mid/Boost Control doubles as a standard Midrange Tone Control (from 1 to 5) AND a Variable Gain Boost Control (from 5 to 10) providing precise levels of sweet harmonic overdrive, from subtle to blistering
  • Channel 2 Features: Legendary Mark IIC+, Mark IV and Xtreme Modes with Multi-Watt Power Switch (10/25 Watts) - Independent Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel) & Master Controls
  • Selectable 5-Band Graphic EQ - Footswitchable, Channel Assignable or Bypassable
  • All-Tube, Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Control (rear panel)
  • Fully Buffered, Tube FX Loop
  • Built-In CabClone Cabinet Simulator Output with Internal Amp Load and Headphone Output - Featuring Closed-Back and Open-Back Voicings, Speaker On/Off and Ground Lift Switches
  • All Aluminum Chassis
  • 2 Button Footswitch (Channel 1/2 & EQ)
  • Slip Cover
  • Standard Finish: Black Taurus Vinyl / Black Jute Grille
  • Dimensions: 8" H x 14" W x 8.75" D
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs.
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