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Mesa Boogie Lonestar Medium Amp Head


The Mesa Boogie Lone Star is designed to be an amplifier with a lot of options. With a wide range of different options available on this amplifier you can set it up for pretty much any situation out of the box with minimal pedals needed to get most sounds.

Two Channels

It may have two channels but both of them respond very differently. For example channel 1 they describe as being the 'best of blackface' with a tone that matches some of the best clean amps from the 60's in a 100w package. It really does have that sound and it even clips like those old amps do when you start to hit it a little bit harder with extra gain.

Channel 2 on the other hand in 'Clean' mode is essentially a higher gain mode of channel 1. It is has the same vintage 60's tone but this time with a couple of extra clipping stages meaning you can get some mean blues/roots tones. This channel also has a 'Drive' mode however and this opens up the amp with a lot more gain that goes from vintage rock to higher gain lead tones without the need of any extra overdrive pedals or boosts.

Built To Fit You

Mesa Boogie love giving you more control with you amplifiers. So They didn't just leave it as a straight two channel amplifier, the introduced a second master volume control named 'Solo', variable wattage switches for each channel and a low end thickness control on a 3 way switch.

One of the biggest things here though has to be the variable power on each of the different channels. For example you might want a tight overdrive channel that pushes the tubes hard so you take that down to 10w, and your clean channel needs a lot of headroom so you keep that at 50w meaning you can go louder without breakup. Both channels can be set to either 10w, 50w or 100w to fit your situation.

Another interesting control is the 'Tweed' option that sits in the power controls. Turn this on and all of a sudden your amp clips harder and at lower volumes similar to what you can expect out of an older 50's USA amplifier. This is wonderful if you like that on the edge of breakup clean sound as you can get it much easier in this mode.

Built In Reverb

OK a lot of amps have built in reverb but the one in the Lone Star is probably one of the best I have ever heard. Using an all tube, long spring setup not only does it cover a wide range of sounds but it hits that perfect studio grade tone a lot of us were searching for. You can even set if you would rather have a brighter more in your face reverb or a more subdued warm reverb using a switch on the back.

Here's what Mesa Boogie saya bout the Lonestar Head

As guitar players, we live for those elusive moments of divine musical inspiration, where you become one with the interaction between your guitar and amplifier and it magically transcends you and your playing to a level well beyond your normal plane. You know the ones…. Those moments of unbelievable gratification where your tone is so amazingly right and the feel of your strings are so perfectly connected to your fingers that you become an unbridled channel of soulful musical expression. These are the moments that truly motivate us as players and keep us coming back to the art of playing guitar! It is in this exact spirit that we have created the Lone Star!

From its conception, the Lone Star was targeted directly at exceeding players' expectations of both tone AND versatility from a vintage and/or modern boutique amp, without accepting compromise. Tonally it must be experienced to believe, as there are not enough adjectives and expletives to remotely do it justice. Simply put, the Lone Star is a sonic flood of Texas-sized proportions! The most ridiculously amazing cleans, classic breakup and high gain tones we have ever offered in a single amplifier! It is "stranded island" good and if you only try one amplifier, make sure it's the Lone Star - But be forewarned, prepare yourself for a new vice because it's not just an amp - IT'S AN ADDICTION! The Lone Star will change the standard by which you measure all other amps!


  • Amp Type:  Tube
  • Chassis Material:  Aluminum
  • Rectifier Type:  Selectable Dual Rectification (50 watt mode) with Patented Recto Tracking™ (Patent 7,193,458). Recto Tracking™ auto-matches the correct Rectifier compliment for the number of Power Tubes in use. 10 Watt Modes = Tube Rectification, 50 Watt Mode = Selectable Tube or Silicon Diode Rectification, 100 Watt Mode = Silicon Diode Rectification.
  • Rectifier Tubes:  1x Mesa 5U4
  • Variac Power Switch:  Tweed/Full Power Switch
  • Preamp Tubes:  5x Mesa 12AX7
  • Power Amp Tubes:  4x Mesa 6L6
  • Bias Switch for Alternate Power Tubes Types:  Bias Select for 6L6 or EL-34
  • Maintenance Free Fixed Bias:  Yes
  • Wattage(s) Quick Reference:  10, 50 or 100 Watts - Channel Assignable - See Power Amp Details for more information
  • Built-In Power Amp Attenuation:  n/a
  • Power Amp Details (Class & Wattage):  Mesa's Patented Multi-Watt™ (Patent 7,602,927) Power Amp, featuring Duo-Class™ (Patent 7,173,488) technology, provides three power and two operating-class options that are channel assignable via two 10/50/100 Watt Power Switches:   Choose 2 power tube operating in pure vintage Class A (single-ended), producing 10 Watts - Or choose 2 or 4 tubes operating in time honored Class A/B power, producing 50 or 100 Watts respectively
  • Convection or Fan Cooling:  Fan Cooled with On/Off Switch
  • Number of Footswitchable Channels (or Modes):  Two Channels
  • Number of Style Modes:  Three
  • Number of Style Modes Per Channel:  Ch. 1 = One / Ch. 2 = Two
  • Types of Style Modes Per Channel:  Ch. 1 = Clean
  • Ch. 2 = Clean or Drive (Mesa's Vintage Cascading Gain)
  • Channel Controls:  Each Channel features Independent 10/50/100 Watt Multi-Watt™ Switch, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass, Presence, Reverb (back panel) & Master - Channel 2 features additional Drive Mode Switch with Drive Level Control and Thick/Normal/Thicker Voicing Switch
  • Graphic EQ and/or Contour:  n/a
  • Reverb / Effects & Bypass Options:  All-Tube, Long Spring Reverb with Bright/Warm Tone Switch and Independent Channel Controls
  • Effects Loop & Bypass Options:  Fully Buffered FX Loop w/Send Level Control (over all channels when activated) - True Bypassable - See True-Bypass Options below for more information
  • Global Output Level Control:  Yes (Over all channels when activated) - See True-Bypass Options below for more information
  • Global Solo Level Control & Bypassable Options:  Yes (Over each channel when activated) - See True-Bypass Options below for more information
  • True-Bypass Options:  True-Bypass Switch removes FX Loop, Output & Solo Level Controls
  • Tuner Output:  n/a
  • External Switching Jack Options and/or Midi:  External Switching Jacks for Channel 1/2, Solo (back panel) & Reverb (bottom of chassis)
  • Speaker Outputs:  One 8 Ohm and Two 4 Ohm
  • Cabinet Simulation - Direct Live/Recording Output: 
  • Headphone Output:  n/a
  • Slave Output:  Yes with Level Control
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