Maple Neck PRS Custom 24 SE Guitars!

PRS have unveiled some incredible limited edition Custom 24 SE guitars!
Featuring Maple necks and fretboards, these are a first in the affordable SE range.

PRS SE and Maple?

PRS have previously reserved Maple for the necks of their US-made CE series instruments. However, these new super-limited edition models offer the perks that only Maple tonewoods can bring. Available in a raft of amazing finishes, these gorgeous PRS Maple neck Custom 24 SE guitars will turn heads for their looks and sounds!

The Maple board is a massive departure from the normal Rosewood board and something not often seen on PRS guitars. The board pairs up beautifully with the SE 85/15 pickups to give you loads of clarity and bite without ever sounding harsh.

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The PRS SE Custom 24

The Custom 24 is arguably PRS’ flagship guitar model. First introduced in 1985, over the last 30 years it has helped to establish the PRS name. As a true modern classic, the Custom 24 is renowned for its incredible aesthetics but also its tonal versatility. With dual humbuckers, set-neck construction and mahogany body, the Custom 24 takes inspiration from a famous singlecut dual humbucker design made in the 50s. However, with a 25″ scale it offers higher tension to improve tuning stability and intonation across the fretboard.

The SE Custom 24 is a more affordable version of the full-fat US models, yet retains the core design elements of its high-end counterpart.

Maple Board

The Maple board will give you a completely different tone compared to what you’d normally get from a Rosewood board. It sounds bright and snappy, giving amazing clarity to your notes – even when using a bit of gain.

The back of the neck is finished in a smooth satin, which feels effortless to play. Your hands will fly up and down the neck without your grip being hindered by a sweaty gloss finish.

PRS SE Maple Custom 24 Guitars on Andertons T.V.

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