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Moog One Analog Polyphonic 8 Voice Synthesizer

The Ultimate Creative Tool


The Moog One Analog Polyphonic Synthesizer is Moog’s first polyphonic analog synth in over 30 years and it’s certainly been worth the wait. This is a tri-timbral, polyphonic analog synthesizer which pushes the boundaries of analog synths further than ever before. Available in 8 and 16 voice configurations, the Moog One features the most powerful synthesizer architecture ever employed in a Moog instrument. With its sturdy, premium construction and expansive controls and sound options, the Moog One will give you classic Moog analog sounds and so much more.

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Moog One - The Biggest, Baddest Synth on the Market?

"The One offers far greater flexibility (than the Memorymoog). Sure, it can fulfil the role of a 21st century Memorymoog, but its palette is much wider, ranging from delicate and ethereal pads to the most powerful monosynth leads and basses." - Sound On Sound Magazine

Triangle Core Oscillators

The Moog One has three newly developed triangle core analog voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs) for each voice. You can adjust the output of each oscillator by adjusting both the selectable triangle/sawtooth wave as well as the variable width pulse wave.

These waves can be adjusted beyond traditional oscillator designs with rise/fall time on the triangle wave and reset phase on the sawtooth. Blending the two waves provides sounds you don’t commonly hear from analog synths. The Moog One oscillator section also features hard sync, analog ring modulation, and FM offering huge options for analog sound.

Dual Source Noise Generator

The dual-source analog noise generator allows you to select and mix different colours of noise per voice through the dedicated noise envelope filter allowing you to change the impact of a sound from percussive and immediate to more breathy.

Analog Mixer

The on-board analog mixer has volume controls and filter routing selection for each oscillator, noise generator, ring modulator and external audio output. Sound sources can be shaped through filters independently or at the same time.

Ladder and State Variable Filters

The Moog One has two types of analog filters – a newly designed multimode State Variable Filter for precision and articulation, and a classic Moog Ladder filter with selectable low pass/high pass behaviour. Used individually or combined in series or parallel these filters open up a range of new sounds.

Low Frequency Oscillators (LFO), Envelope Generators and Modulation

This synth has four wide-range LFOs for cyclical motion and can be assigned to nearly any destination. MIDI synchronisation and clock division, start delay time, number of repeats per instance and more are possible with these LFOS.

There are three assignable DAHDSR (Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release) envelope generators (EGs) for dynamic sound shaping. The character of each envelope can be shaped through the per-stage envelope curves in addition to looping, synchronization and time-scaling.

Modulation assignments can be created from any of the 4 LFOs and 3 EGs via the corresponding Destination Button with adjustable modulation path and amount. More complex modulation uses the internal Modulation Matrix with visual access to the possibilities of the synthesis and controller components.

On-board Effects

There is a growing library of programmable on-board effects such as chorus, delay, phase, bit reduction, vocoding and more, as well as a suite of premium reverbs from Eventide. Effects can be applied as either Synth Effects or Master Bus Effects. Synth Effects are applied to individual layers of timbrality whereas Master Bus Effects can be applied via sends to all three synthesizers. These effects are digital but when the effects are off the signal path remains truly analog.

Tri-timbral Design

The Moog One is a tri-timbral synth which means it is comprised of three analog polysynths that can be individually addressed. Each synth has its own parameters, step sequencer, arpeggiator, and effects processor. The tri-timbral design allows voices to be assigned, split, layered or stacked with up to 48 oscillators in Unison Mode. This might seem like a lot to keep track of but the Panel Focus module helps simplify things. With Panel Focus you can select an individual synth and use the front panel knobs and buttons for that specific layer. You can also adjust multiple layers at a time.

Premium Feel

The Moog One features a hand-finished Ash cabinet and aluminium enclosure with 73 knobs and 144 buttons. This synth has a high-quality premium feel, like it’s built to last and features a comprehensive layout for unrestrictive control over your sound.

The premium 61-note FATAR TP-8S keyboard has velocity and aftertouch functionality for complete, expressive control while you’re playing. The pitch and mod wheels are made from milled aluminium and the pressure sensitive X/Y pads only add to the intuitive, expressive control scheme of the Moog One.

Save Your Work!

This synth is designed to be a standalone system; as such the Moog One has a load of options for saving sounds and settings.

The Moog One can save the parameters, sequencer, arpeggiator and modulation for each of the three timbral layers. You can store and recall tens of thousands of presets which can be categorised, edited, notated, and shared via USB. You can load up to 64 presets on to the Performance Set module which you can select via the front panel for quick recall during live or session work.

The User Space can save all global behaviours from MIDI settings, to knob behaviours to LED brightness. There are multiple User Spaces that can be recalled internally or via USB allowing you to transfer your workflow.

The Snapshot button allows you to capture and recall a time-stamped picture of a preset’s current settings for a smoother workflow.


  • 8 or 16 voice polyphony
  • 3 VCOs per voice with waveshape mixing and OLED displays
  • Unison Mode (up to 48 Oscillators on a 16-voice instrument)
  • 2 filters per voice with filter mixing (2x Multimode State Variable filters that function as a single filter,  and a classic low pass / high pass Moog Ladder filter)
  • 3 DAHDSR envelopes per voice with user-definable curves
  • 3-part multitimbrality
  • Sequencer and arpeggiator per timbre
  • Chord memory
  • Dual source noise generator with dedicated envelope
  • Mixer with external audio input 
  • Ring modulation with selectable routing
  • Oscillator FM and Hard Sync with selectable routing
  • 4 assignable LFOs 
  • Premium 61-note Fatar TP-8S with velocity and aftertouch
  • Assignable pressure-sensing X/Y pad
  • Digital Effects (Synth and Master Bus)
  • Eventide® reverbs
  • Selectable glide types
  • USB and DIN MIDI
  • Save, categorize, and recall tens of thousands of presets
  • Create performance sets to make up to 64 presets accessible at the push of a button
  • 2x ¼” headphone outputs 
  • 2x pairs of assignable ¼” outputs (Support for TRS and TS connection)
  • 4x ¼” hardware inserts (TRS)
  • 1x ¼” external audio input (line level)
  • 1x XLR + ¼” TRS combo external audio input with trim knob
  • 9x assignable CV/GATE IO (5x in / 4x out)
  • USB drive support for system and preset backup 
  • LAN port for future expansion
  • Weight: 45 lbs. / 20.4 kg (approximate)
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 42” x 20” x 7”  / 107cm x 51cm x 18cm
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