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Teenage Engineering OP-1 Sampling Synthesizer

A highly inspiring, portable synth with 10 Synth Engines and 4-track tape recording


The Teenage Engineering OP-1 is a compact synthesizer in a class of it's own. Fantastically quirky, captivatingly unique; The OP-1 features a powerful soundset and a fun, creative workflow that will have you hooked for hours. 

The OP-1 is built round 10 different synthesis engines, including sampling, with a 4 track tape recorder, so that you can create music on the go with ease. And with additional features like a built in FM radio and assignable G-force sensor for motion controlled effects, the OP-1 offers something refreshing to the synth world.

Getting Started on the Teenage Engineering OP-1 | Top 3 Tips!

Powerful Engine Room

With 10 synthesizer engines, eight high quality effects and multiple routable LFO’s, you'll never hit the wall when it comes to creativity or finding the right sound for the job. Add the unique built-in sequencers on top of that and you'll understand why so many highly regarded producers and artists hold this little machine so dear.

In controller mode, OP-1 turns in to a full blown MIDI controller, with access to transport (play/stop, record, rewind and forward, a two octave keyboard with four endless encoders as well as a sound module that can be controlled from virtually any external software.

4-track tape

Record anything you create with the 4-track tape feature. Match the tape speed to the sequencer tempo for some really nice overdubbing. Change tape speed while recording, or record backwards in real time. Switch to the 4 channel mixer and add some punch with the built-in EQ and compressor. finally, create a live mix in album mode on a virtual vinyl.

Inspiring Design

One of the key features of the OP-1 is its award winning design, that not only looks spectacular but is also functional, enabling a new creative workflow. With a gorgeous AMOLED display and funky graphics that give you all the information you need in a graphical and inspiring way. Another key design feature is the use of colour coded encoders and keyboard symbols to create an intuitive and non-technical interface to control and shape your sounds.

Synthesizers don't have to be mind-bendingly complicated instruments for academics. The OP-1 is a synth for anyone who puts the music first and leaves the technicalities to someone else!

16 hours battery life

Teenage engineering say you can travel the Atlantic ocean and back again, constantly making music on your OP-1 before it runs out of power. Boasting over 2 years of stand by time, you can pick up the OP-1 when inspiration strikes and create music wherever you are. Charging is easy with the provided cable plugged into any computer or phone charger that has a USB connector.

Creative Add-Ons

The creative minds at Teenage Engineering continue to explore the possibilities of the OP-1 by offering a range of awesome accessories to enhance your sense of fun and discovery.

For example the crank accessory let's you hand crank sequencers, the tape and in fact hand crank any parameter of your choice. Or the bender which mounts on the orange knob and comes with a rubberband that is attached around the blue knob for elasticity. by selecting the bender in the LFO browser, you may bend any parameter you like. everything from pitch to filter or syntesizer parameters. OR how about the brick shafts, which are LEGO compatible shafts that you put on the control knobs so that you can create lego contraptions or elaborate handles to control your synths in a variety of ways. Whether it's just a rubber wheel for extra grip, or using LEGO MINDSTORMS to build your own motor driven LFO, the possibilities are countless!


Synthesis - OP-1 comes with 10 unique synthesizer engines, all instantly accessible with the sound selection keys. the synthesis palette ranges from physically modeled string synthesis to frequency modulation. the DNA synthesis is modeled on a machines individually unique ID which makes every OP-1 sound slightly different from another. the synthesis section also includes a selection of exchangeable LFO's, and effects.

Instant sampler - Sampling is instant with the two built-in samplers, one for instruments like piano and one dedicated for percussion sounds and drum kits that automatically splits a recorded sound and lays it out on the 24 keys. The OP-1 also comes pre-loaded with great kits and instruments, and if you you want to create your own sample library, just sample anything using the built-in microphone or line in. It's never been easier, quicker or more creative to sample.

4-track tape - anything you play, sequence or tweak you are able to record on the built in 4-track tape feature. Match the tape speed to the sequencer clock for nice overdubbing with pitch changes, all in sync. Change tapespeed while recording, or even record backwards in realtime. adding the optional crank accessory turns the tape into a hand cranked tape recorder.

Mixer and effects - Add effects and texture to your sounds with the 4 channel mixer, including EQ, 7 stereo effects and a compressor. Individual levels and pan controls for all four tape tracks. Finalize your mix in the master out panel. In mixer mode you also have the option to solo and mute tracks with the push of a button or to add punch-in tape tricks for live performance.

Sequencers - One of OP-1's strongest features is its sequencers. instead of having one sequencer that handles everything, there's five unique sequencers doing only one task each. There's the tombola sequencer for random trig (enter notes in the tombola and every time a note hits the wall it is played. the harder a note hits the wall, the louder it plays). Then there's the sketch sequencer that lets you draw notes freely with the knobs.

Built-in mic and FM radio - OP-1 has three sound inputs; the built-in mic, a 3.5 mm line in and a built-in fm radio. besides sound, all these three inputs can be used as input values in the element modulator, letting you modulate any synth or effect parameter from the sound input. The fm radio is also a great source of inspiration when you are traveling abroad and want to sample local radio stations or music. Finally, there's a useful out-to-in function letting you do a mix-down when in tape mode.

Controller Mode - Pressing the com button turns OP-1 into a versatile midi controller with control change options, a two octave keyboard and four knobs. If selecting disk mode when in com mode, the OP-1 turns into a storage device, letting you drag and drop .aiff audio files to it or drag the complete tape with it's 4 tracks as separated individual audio files from it to your computer where you can do final tweaks in your DAW software.

Instant tape editing - With cut / lift, drop and split, it's easy to edit your recorded material. the feeling of turning a knob to scrub through the tape and press split is a unique experience unmatched by mouse and keyboard or touch devices. This physical input and feedback makes using the OP-1 more intuitive and natural than more complex systems, and helps you focus on more important things like making music and being creative.

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