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Fjord Fuzz Berserk Fuzz Pedal

'60s "British Invasion" Fuzz Tones

Written by

Chris Toft

Fjord Fuzz are a small boutique pedal brand based in Bergen, Norway. In their own words, their pedals are "built by real musicians for real musicians" and deliver awe inspiring tones courtesy of their unconventional circuits.

The Fjord Fuzz Berserk Fuzz brings together two of the most recognisable fuzz circuits of all time, famously used by a certain Jimi and another Jimmy! Delivering sweet, vintage inspired fuzz tones reminiscent of the ones heard during the "British Invasion" of the '60s, the Berserk offers up everything from mid-gain drive tones to full the thickest, saggiest fuzz tones! It'll even clean up nicely with your guitar's volume control or a volume pedal, for shimmering, spanky clean tones!

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Here's what Fjord Fuzz say about the Berserk

BERSERK takes two of the most central fuzz circuits of the time, the one Jimi used and the one Jimmy used, and turns them into one amazing little unit, solving a bunch of 50+ year old problems and wraps it all up in a package that should work for absolutely any occasion. It's glorious.

OK so let's talk about the issues concerning the good old smiley-boy, liquid sunshine fuzz of our dreams. The input and output impedances of this circuit are flipped as compared to modern practices. This creates a few problems, but it also causes that amazing clean tone you can get when rolling back your guitar's volume knob. However try placing it after a buffer or a wah. No thank you.

Fjord Fuzz to the rescue! Many have used the very cool AMZ pickup simulator trick to solve this and while this does kind of work, it also adds a bunch of noise and definitely impacts the volume knob cleanup. The rightmost push button on BERSERK engages a simple, weirdly biased, single transistor gain stage preamp in front of the original circuit. Gone are the wah and buffer issues, but does it still clean up? Does it still allow you to get that super sticky, thick, asymmetric clipping? YES! It's almost indistinguishable from the original preampless circuit, with none of the problems. Doesn't this turn it into more of a MK2 style fuzz though? Yes and no. Topologically speaking it definitely does, and by dialling back the thickness knob you can get into the MK2 territory, but the intention here was to retain all the tonal characteristics of the smiley pedal and I did. There's a trimmer on the inside to help you match this feature with you specific use case. If you don’t intend to stick this pedal after a wah or a buffer or whatever, you can also use the trimmer to increase gain and chase down that MK2 route even further if that's more your speed!

The control set is simple. In addition to the two push buttons, you have a huge knob controlling gain the same way you would by turning down the guitar's volume knob. There's also an output volume knob obviously, but I think you'll find that third knob to be the most useful of all. It's a thickness control. Turn it all the way up if you want to let through all the bass. Just so much bass. It's wonderful. Unless you intend to use it with a humbuckered guitar, that is. Just turn the thickness knob back a bit and you should have a much more workable fuzz. Same goes for a live situation where you for whatever weird reason don't play in a power trio, through a cranked British half stack. Can't hear yourself through the mix? Just turn the thickness down, friend! Now you can!

Speaking of British half stacks, what about the output section? If you've ever tried slamming head first into a 60s Japanese style chorus/vibrato pedal without a buffer in between them, you may have noticed the output impedance issue of the original smiley circuit. I had to fix this too obviously, but I decided to fix another problem at the same time. The original circuit was intended to have a unity gain output. The main thing that is changed as you engage the pedal is the saturation, not the output volume. This is of course boring and weird. I want loudness with my fuzz! The solution is hidden beneath the second push button. Engage it and you are now running into not one, but two space echo preamp gain stages, running in series! Impedance is now repaired and you should have a bit of an extra volume level kick as well as more pronounced mids. Oh and infinite sustain. There's a trimmer for this section too so you can get as much boost as you need.

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