The Denon DJ Prime Series

Denon DJ Prime Series products have arrived at Andertons Music Co!
Including the SC5000, X1800 and VL12, these game-changing units give you ultimate control, to boost your creativity!

Up to 24 Months 0% finance on Denon DJ Prime

We understand that buying a new set of premium decks like the Prime series can be costly. So if you're furiously trying to save up those pennies each month we've got another option for you

You can now get up to 24 months finance on buying a new Denon Prime setup. Why wait so you can save up and pay the full balance, when you can break the cost into 24 months of simple payments without paying through the nose to do it!

With a minimum 10% deposit, you can pay from as little as £51 a month, interest free. Choose one of our finance deals and you can order today with free next day delivery!

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Who are Denon DJ?

Denon DJ is a leading manufacturer of equipment for DJs. Designing high-quality gear for professional-minded DJs who want only the best, their equipment lets you focus on your performance with no compromise.

They introduced their first dual-rackmount CD player in 1992, and the company have gone from strength to strength over the years and provided premium, innovative solutions for DJs to ensure top-calibre performances every night.

Here at Andertons, we are very exctied to get our hands on some of the incredible new gear from the company’s Prime Series!

Free UK Delivery over £99

The Prime Series

The Prime Series is Denon DJ’s flagship product line, which includes the amazing SC5000 Pro Media Player, X1800 Mixer and VL12 Turntable!

Identifying a need in the DJ world for equipment that delivers unprecedented levels of performance, ease-of-use, musical file organisation and complete system synergy, Denon DJ’s Prime Series products represent “The Future of Professional DJ Performance”.

The SC5000 Pro DJ Media Player

The SC5000 epitomises the evolution of DJ technology. With a high definition multi-touch display, this amazing Media Player ensures immediate latency-free navigation and control of your music.

This is also the world’s first DJ Player capable of on-board music file analysis, really empowering you with its innovative dual-layer deck capability to be as ergonomic and hassle-free as possible. The robust 8″ jogwheel will survive show after show, with a central display showing either the current playing track or custom artwork. Very cool indeed!

X1800 Mixer

The X1800 is the defining piece of the Prime range. A 4-Channel Pro DJ club mixer, the layout will be familiar to DJs, however it’s exciting forward-thinking features will let you take your performances to the next level!

With dedicated Sweep and BPM FX controls, the X1800 Prime delivers multi-themed effects for each channel, giving you even more options to enhance your own sound. Why not add another dimension to how you utilize EQ in the DJ booth? Fire up the X1800’s choice of Classic or Isolation styles, then ramp up the sonic creativity with frequency-controlled, band-Isolation too.

VL12 Turntable

The Denon DJ VL12 Prime is an incredibly sophisticated turntable. Featuring the most optimal acoustic isolation capabilities, able to handle any loud, bass-heavy environment, there’s no classic or control vinyl-based gig the VL12 cannot handle.

This true quartz locked, direct-drive Pro DJ Turntable offers you the most exhilarating ‘hands-on’ performance experience you could ever imagine.

Denon DJ on Andertons T.V.

Who Uses Denon DJ Equipment?

We’re glad you asked. Grammy Award-winning DJ Tiësto now uses the SC5000 and X1800 in his setup! Named “The Greatest DJ of All Time” by Mixmag and the #1 DJ by Rolling Stone, Tiësto has embraced Denon DJ’s game-changing gear so that his performances are better than ever!

Heres what Tiësto thinks about denon DJ

“I knew right away that with the intuitive interface and creative feature set of the Denon Prime gear, I could set myself apart as an individual performer and really advance my creativity in my live DJ sets.”

Denon DJ’s gear allows Tiësto more creative freedom, letting him perform with even more passion and creativity. When someone like him gives so much praise, their gear must be taken seriously!

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