Introducing The Chapman British Standard Series!

These exclusive British-made instruments, unveiled at NAMM 2018, offer world-class specifications and a whole new level of playability - and they're now available to order from Andertons Music Co!


Chapman Guitars have always listened to their customers and fans. Thanks to huge online engagement and an open-minded approach to building guitars, their line-up of instruments has been carefully put together to meet the needs of musicians of all styles and abilities.

The Standards are the entry-level models, boasting basic specs but a tone and playability that far overshoots their price point. The Pro range steps it up a notch, offering competitive performance with equally competitive prices for the professional guitarist. Then there are the signature offerings, including Rob Scallon's 8-string monster, Rabea Massaad's slick baritone model, and the Dave Hollingworth fanned-fret bass.

With the unveiling of the British Standard Series, however, Chapman look set to ascend to the next tier in the world of guitar manufacture. At NAMM 2018, Rob Chapman was joined by Lee Anderton, Jared Dines, Rob Scallon and many more high-profile guitarists of the moment to usher in the next chapter of the Chapman Guitars brand!

PLEASE NOTE: these guitars are already on order. If you'd like to order your own with different specifications, click here to find out how! 

What is the Chapman British Standard Series?

This is the culmination of years of ambition, hard work, and an open-minded approach on Chapman Guitars' part; the British Standard series is a range of lovingly handcrafted boutique instruments that deliver the ultimate Chapman playing experience, the likes of which no one has experienced before.

"Flying the flag for Chapman and England this new line will be made one at a time, by hand in extremely limited numbers. These are premium priced guitars that will look, sound & play as good as anything you could imagine."

- Rob Chapman on the British Standard Series

As the name suggests, the British Standard guitars will be made in the UK by a team of top luthiers. Employing premium parts, beautiful choices of wood, nitrocellulose finishes and meticulous attention to detail, these instruments will be made in extremely limited numbers - and with extreme attention to detail.

Key Features:

  • 4 familiar body shapes: ML1 Modern, ML2 Modern, ML3 Traditional and Ghost Fret
  • Premium tonewoods, including 5A flame maple tops, African mahogany and solid Ash
  • Roasted maple necks for a deep yet crystal-clear tonal response
  • Premium hardware for the finest Chapman playing experience yet
  • Nitrocellulose finishes
  • Meticulously designed hand-wound Chapman pickups
  • A range of unique & eye-catching colour options, including the Dragon Skin finish spotted at NAMM 2018

In January 2019, Chapman issued a statement regarding the production of the British Standard series. It details how demand has surpassed their expectation, and how they’ve opened their own brand new workshop to meet it!

Here’s the statement in full:

"The demand for the British Standard Series has exceeded all our wildest expectations, and as a result the workshop Chapman Guitars uses to manufacture them is unable to offer the capacity required.

As a result we have decided to open our own British workshop in Brighton, something that we are very excited about.

This will unfortunately mean delays to the manufacturing process while we relocate, but ultimately having our own workshop back at Chapman HQ gives us more control and opens the door for many exciting opportunities in the future."

How do I order a British Standard guitar?

Prices for the British Standard Series start around £3500, depending on the specs you choose. The process for ordering is simple:

  • Choose your body shape from the following: ML1 Modern, ML2 Modern, ML3 Traditional and Ghost Fret
  • Get in touch with us
  • Discuss the full selection of finishes (over 20 finishes available for each model!) and configurations with our team
  • Wait patiently for Chapman's experienced UK luthiers to work their magic
  • Become the proud owner of your dream Chapman guitar!

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