Snake Oil Fine Instruments at Andertons Music Co!

Award-winning pedals from the minds behind Chapman Guitars - Snake Oil Cures all known bad tone!

Guitarists, you’d be forgiven for thinking that these pedals had come straight out of a wild-west movie set, but these beauties are hand-made in the UK.

Joining an army of already-established UK made pedal manufacturers, Chapman Guitars has released the first two (of what we presume will become more) guitar pedals of its new Snake Oil Fine Instruments range. A range that fans of Chapman himself have been asking for, for many years! We’re not sure anyone expected this!

Here’s the official word from Chapman Guitars:

Chapman Guitars is proud to present its latest venture “Snake Oil Fine Instruments”. Offering a joyous richness of tone unparalleled by any other inferior brand, Snake Oil is the choice of the respected musician.
Proudly launching with two unreasonably superior pedals, “The Very Thing” and “The Marvellous Engine” and made in England to exacting specifications, you can rest assured that these majestic new devices from Snake Oil Fine Instruments represent the very finest of audio apparatus.
Avoid weak imitations, no other is genuine.

The line consists of two new guitar pedals as follows:

‘The Very Thing’ Boost/Overdrive Pedal

The first pedal, The Very Thing, is in a pewter-style casing with some awesome ye-olde-worlde style branding to boot. It has three controls in Gain, Volume and Tone and is powered by an on-board 4558 dual op-amp for stunning symmetrical clipping. If you’re looking to give your sound that extra twang or give it a little more oomph, this pedal will get the juices flowing!

‘The Marvellous Engine’ Distortion Pedal

The casing of the second pedal, The Marvellous Engine has a Copper/Brass feel to it with snake-inspired word-smithery embellishing the casing too. With four controls (gain, volume, voice & tone) and two separate clipping stages, The Marvellous Engine is a truly versatile distortion pedal to compliment any existing pedalboard, or use standalone. Heck, they’d even look great on the mantelpiece!

As Chapman alludes to, both these pedals sound absolutely incredible and are handmade in England to exacting specifications. Snake Oil guitar pedals look fantastic, sound great and are an exciting new addition to the Chapman range, even for the most discerning of musicians.

Wanna read more about the award-winning design process behind the Snake Oil stompboxes? Our pals over at the Pull Agency (who also designed our very own Andertons Music Co. brand) wrote this neat blog about it all. Check it out!