Fender unveil Acoustasonic Player Telecaster!

Fender makes its groundbreaking Acoustasonic hybrid guitar accessible for the masses, with a more affordable & streamlined model made in Mexico!

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Elliot Stent

What is the Acoustasonic Player Telecaster?

When Fender launched their American Acoustasonic Telecaster in 2019, it took the guitar world by storm! Breaking the mould with its unique hybrid design, combining a variety of acoustic and electric tones with legendary Fender feel and playability, this innovative instrument has now become a go-to choice for modern musicians looking for the ultimate expressive tool.

However, an American-made Acoustasonic does cost a pretty penny. That’s why Fender has now unleashed the much-anticipated, Mexican-made Acoustasonic Player Telecaster — for those who want almost all of the same versatility offered by the USA model, but at a more affordable price-point. Available in 4 cool Fender colours, including a Butterscotch Blonde option new to the Acoustasonic Series — this sonic shape-shifter is a heck of a lot of guitar for the money!

Fender Acoustasonic Player Tele on Andertons T.V.

Main Features

Fender/Fishman-Designed Electronics

  • Acoustic Engine — Powerful 2-pickup system; comprising a Tim Shaw-designed noiseless N4 single-coil for authentic Fender electric tones free of hum, and a Fishman under-saddle piezo that offers a wealth of acoustic sounds.
  • 3-Way Switch & Blend Knob — Instrument features 3 voice pairs for 6 "best of" electric/acoustic sounds. These can be used solo, or blended together for hybrid tones. Toggle between the pairings with the switch, and use the blend knob to seamlessly move between the A and B voicings.
  • 9-Volt Battery Power — 20+ hours of playing time, with a quick-access compartment on the back of the body making battery swaps a breeze!

Modified Telecaster Body

  • Mahogany with Solid A Sitka Spruce Top Inlay — Timeless tonewood combination gives the guitar a vibrant character and response. Lightweight design reduces shoulder strain, with sculpted forearm contour maximising playing comfort.
  • Tuned Soundhole — “Waterfall” design controls flow of air into the body, amplifying the natural acoustic sound of the guitar and providing the foundation for the acoustic engine pickup system when plugged in.
  • Open Pore Finish — Light and thin satin finish leaves the wood pores visible, allowing for optimal resonance of the body and top.

Super-Playable Neck

  • Deep "C" Profile — Same shape used on Fender's flagship American Pro II guitars. Delivers both comfort and speed; slim at the nut and filling out gradually as you approach the neck joint. Enhanced with smooth satin finish.
  • Rosewood Fingerboard — A material adored for its dark and beautiful grain; adding warmth into the sonic mix.
  • Narrow Tall Frets — Offer a controllable feel for wide vibrato and pitch-perfect string bends.
  • Sculpted Neck Heel with Bevelled Plate — Just like on the American-made Acoustasonic Tele; providing easy access to the highest frets.

High-Quality Hardware

  • Staggered Die Cast Tuners — Tuning machine posts decrease in height from low to high strings; increasing the downward pull over the nut to maintain even string tension.
  • Graph Tech TUSQ Nut — Boosts sustain and minimises unwanted tuning slips.


  • Included Deluxe Gig Bag — Rugged, high-quality design guarantees solid instrument protection.
  • Made in Ensenada, Mexico — Crafted in Fender’s brand-new, state-of-the-art acoustic factory; right next-door to their world-renowned electric facility.

What’s the Difference Between Fender’s American & Player Acoustasonic Guitars?

What’s the Difference Between Fender’s American & Player Acoustasonic Guitars?

Honestly — not that much! Apart from where they’re built, Fender’s American and Player Acoustasonic guitars are very similar and share a lot of features. Most of their tonewoods are the same, albeit with the Player models having a Rosewood fingerboard instead of Ebony, and even a lot of their hardware appointments are similar — both boasting high-quality Graph Tech TUSQ nuts and bridge pins.

The biggest difference between American and Player Acoustasonic guitars, however, has a lot to do with their electronics. The American Acoustasonic comes equipped with a sophisticated 3-pickup system that harnesses a very realistic acoustic sound, while the Player model only has a 2-pickup system. It’s still a high-quality design though, with input from pickup specialists Fishman. The Mexican-made Acoustasonic also doesn’t have quite as many different voices, offering only 6 instead of the 10 that’s possible with its US-crafted counterpart.

For more information on the differences between these two instruments, please make sure to check out our dedicated ‘Fender American vs. Player Acoustasonic Guitars’ blog. It goes into a lot more detail!