Yamaha Drums

In the drum world, Yamaha is one of the undisputed giants. For years they have empowered players with premium-made, reliable and sonally-rich drum kits.

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Yamaha Drums

The Yamaha drum range is vast, featuring everything from their Rydeen beginner kits to the flagship Phoenix - and everything in between!

Highlights include Yamaha's Stage Custom and Recording Custom series kits, and these setups offer unparalleled levels of versatility for the drummers that take their playing seriously. Seen on stages and in studios all around the world, there's a reason why these Yamaha drum ranges are so admired and acclaimed.

For the modern players that want all-encompassing electronic drum kits for the home, the DTX series is worth investigating. From affordable DTX400 rigs to the class-leading, all-mesh DTX920, all price-points are accommodated for.  

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