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Find out what Waldorf have announced at NAMM 2018!

Over the past few years, Waldorf have focused on Eurorack modular gear. This NAMM sees a return to full standalone keyboards, as Waldorf are showing off 2 new instruments.

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Ollie Mason

News of the Quantum first came out back in MusicMesse last spring. It's now back for NAMM in it's final stages of testing, so it won't be long now for the Quantum to be in stores.

Quite a few synths these days are trying to recreate the great synths of the past, with classic patches and emulated drift. The Quantum is a synth that is instead trying to break new ground; using the latest hybrid analogue/digital technology to bring fresh new sounds and a modern workflow

The Quantum has a gorgeous form and responsive touchscreen so that you can quickly navigate a range of preset patches and get into some detailed sound design with innovative controls.

3 oscillators offer a ridiculous amount of different sounds using four synthesis algorithms;

  • - Waldorf-style Wavetables with the latest additions from Nave, including speech synthesis and wavetable generation from audio
  • - Classic Synthesizer Waveforms with multiple waves for an ultra fat sounds right out of the oscillators
  • - Granular Sampler with multi sampling plus traditional sampling mode
  • - Resonator for virtual sound sculpting

Now the Quantum is in it's final stages of development, the guys at Waldorf said it was only a matter of weeks before we should start seeing this amazing new synth in stores. We can't wait to get our hands on one to start experimenting with new sounds!

STVC String Synth and Vocoder

In a brand new announcement for NAMM 2018, Waldorf are showing off the new STVC string synth and vocoder. The Sound of the STVC is actually based on their popular Streichfett module; but you can now get those awesome 70's and 80's string sounds in a a keyboard synth setup, complete with on-board vocoder.

Check out what Jack thought about the STVC in our video direct from the NAMM Show.

NAMM 2018 - Andertons Music Co.

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