Victory Announce Richie Kotzen RK50 Signature Amps!

Victory Amps has just announced the brand new Richie Kotzen RK50 Amp Head and Combo!
Designed collaboratively with Kotzen himself, the RK50 embodies all of his tone in a neat and beautiful package!

Behind the Design

Victory amp designer Martin Kidd and guitar extraordinaire Richie Kotzen have got an old-standing relationship from back in the day, when Kotzen had his very own Cornford signature amp. This was initially designed by Martin Kidd, and the pair have since rekindled their friendship to work on the RK50.

Kotzen is known for his incredible, saturated gain tones and blistering speed and control. In order to achieve these powerful tones, his amps needs to be versatile, and able to achieve a tight-gain sound to match his dynamic playing style.

What does it sound like?

Well, it?s a fully-fledged single channel tube amp with a 6L6 poweramp section. This can be re-biased to EL34 tubes if that?s your preference however.

On the control panel, you?ll see that the controls are quite simple. You have a single tone control that will give you a broad sweep over the EQ section. From dark, warm tones to bright, sparkly sounds.

You?ve then got the gain and master knobs, controlling your drive and overall master volume respectively. If you want cleaner tones, turn the master volume up and keep the gain down for a less distorted sound. Or, if you want more tube saturation, bring the master down and the gain up. All down to to taste!

Power Options & Speaker Damping

A lot of Victory amps have the ability to drop down in power. You can go down from 50 watts at full power to 9 watts at the low power section. You can also use the handy speaker damping switch at the back of the amp to increase the bass response/speaker resonance with your respective cab. This is a handy way to fill out more frequencies, especially in a smaller band ? just like Kotzen in the Winery Dogs 3-piece.

Footswitchable Boost, Reverb & Tremolo

So, not only have you got a single-channel beast of an amp, but you?ve also got a footswitchable boost for guitar solos as well as reverb and tremolo!

The tremolo & verb is easily controlled with the knobs on the front, rounding off a simple but incredibly effective amp.


  • Format: Single-channel
  • Power: High Power: 50 watts. Low power 9 watts
  • Valves: 3 x 12AX7, 2 x 6L6 (swappable for EL34 with bias adjustment)
  • Extra features: Footswitchable boost, footswitchable reverb and tremolo, speaker damping feature, high/low power options, series effects loop, bias switch for EL34/6L6 output valves, external bias test points and adjustment, skeletonised metal case with rubber handle, padded carry bag included. Single-button footswitch for boost and dual footswitch for reverb/tremolo included.

Victory amps have also announced a new cab to their range and it just so happens to match the RK50. Though this new cab is not a signature Kotzen cab, it makes the perfect partner to the RK50 in both looks and sound. It?s also pure white in colour, but the single speaker in a widebody cab makes for incredible guitar tones.

It has an increased low-end punch with a clear mid-range that you may not get from smaller cabs. When you combine that with the cranked overdrive goodness from the RK50 you?re left with an amp and cab that really rock!

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