Sire V9 Series Basses

Classic asymmetrical construction, coupled with modern flare and feel.

Sire V9 Series Basses

The V9 Version 2 model bass includes welcome additions, found in the completely redesigned pickups and improved neck. A slightly higher, while still affordable price offers a great balance between quality and value.

The refined neck makes the version 2 V9 far more playable. The frets are medium sized, while the radius of the fingerboard is now 9.5 inches. This makes playing melodies and specific notes alike just as easy. A matte finish helps you move effectively up and down the neck, promoting speed and efficiency.  

A heavy mass bridges helps the V9 v2 stand out when compared alongside other traditional basses. The heavy mass bridge (created upon request from Marcus Miller) allows for a punchier, rich tone with added sustain, making it suitable for all genres.

Swamp Ash and Alder body variations provide you with an extremely comfortable weight, making performance fatigue a thing of the past. The V9 is topped off with new and improved advanced pickups. These were built to achieve a higher resolution sound with better clarity. Combined with Sire’s highly regarded active preamp, this results in a very versatile bass. 3 band on-board EQ with a switch to swap between classic passive or active sounds grants you direct control over your tone. Have a look at what’s available below.