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Mahogany Body Electric Guitars

Mahogany is a popular instrument timber, often used to construct the bodies of electric guitars. As a heavy hardwood, Mahogany typically provides a rich sound with warm lows and a balanced mid-range.

Mahogany Body Electric Guitars

Mahogany comprises a family of different hardwoods, but genuine Mahogany is usually sourced in South American countries like Mexico and Brazil. Gibson popularised its use in electric guitar production in the early ‘50s with its flagship Les Paul model, and Mahogany remains Gibson’s primary choice of electric guitar tonewood.

Dense and weighty, Mahogany is renowned for producing a full sound with particular emphasis on the bass frequencies, while also ensuring piano-like sustain. It is considered one of the more aesthetically-pleasing guitar materials out there, with a fine, even grain pattern and a reddish-brown hue. This is why many brands will tend to finish their Mahogany-bodied guitars with a translucent colour, so that the gorgeous natural grain shows through.

Although Mahogany is regarded as a premium material by many, it is actually used in the construction of both affordable and high-end electric guitars. Gibson is synonymous with Mahogany when it comes to electric guitars, but the likes of PRS, ESP, Epiphone and Gretsch also use the timber for their instruments.