Best for Beginners

Buying a first instrument for yourself or a loved one can be a special and cherished occasion. Here at Andertons Music Co, we want to make sure that the guitar, bass, drum kit, piano or keyboard that you purchase is inspiring and perfect from the get-go!

Why Buy From Andertons?

Expert Advice

For over 50 years, Andertons Music Co. has helped thousands of players start their musical journeys. Our dedicated and knowledgeable team of experts will always guide you in the right direction when it comes to selecting your first instrument, whether that be our shop floor staff or our customer services team.

The majority of Andertons employees are musicians themselves, and you have to remember that every musician was a beginner at some point! With our genuine and well-founded advice, the path to musical prowess will start on the right foot.

Below, you’ll discover why the service that we offer puts us one step ahead of the others…

We are number #1, literally!

Andertons Music Co. won NAMM’s prestigious ‘Dealer of the Year’ Award in 2020 & 2018. As the only company in Europe to feature on its Top 100 list in 2017, we went one better for 2018 and became the first ever non-US retailer to top the list in NAMM’s 117 year history!

While also picking up the ‘Best Online Engagement’ award three times, these milestones reflect our passion for music and the class-leading customer service that we provide. If you’re keen to purchase a beginner instrument, we strongly believe that we are the best store in the world to buy from.

Free Next-Day Delivery in the UK!

If you're a UK resident making an order exceeding £99 from our online store, you'll have your item delivered completely free for the following day!*

*Order must be made before 12pm, Monday - Friday. View our delivery page for further details.

In-Depth Video Reviews

In mid-2018, viewing figures on the Andertons TV YouTube channel surpassed 100 million, while our subscriber count exceeded the 400,000 mark! There’s a reason why the majority of the online guitar community chooses to watch Andertons TV; your source for unbiased reviews and demos of your favourite gear.

We believe that our coverage goes above and beyond that of our competitors. Doing our utmost to provide you with informative videos, we have several comparison reviews that feature instruments below an affordable price-point, to help you distinguish which is the best for you!

Tonnes of stock!

Andertons Music Co. has a great relationship with multiple brands including Squier, Eastcoast, Mapex and Yamaha - all of whom accommodate for beginners! That's why we ensure that we always have loads of their gear in stock and on hand for our customers to try out in-store, or to purchase through our online shop.