TAMA Drums Latest Releases - 2018

Tama are back with some amazing releases for NAMM 2018, including the beautiful SLP kits, Superstar Classic, Superstar Hyperdrive Duo, Club Jam  kits and even more!

The new SLP drum kits are based on the concept of the SLP snare drum series, which has become very popular worldwide for their feature-set and distinctive sound characteristics.

Like the snares, each kit has its own original sound and unique features such as wooden hoops and newly-designed lugs, that were carefully selected to achieve the full potential of its shell material. We even chose particular sizes and configurations for shell pack, to emphasise its individual character. Each kit really shines in particular musical styles, and can help to enhance the quality of a band’s sound.

Some of the kits in this seris are the Dynamic Kapur, Fat Spruce and Studio Maple.

Small and light, these shell packs are amazing for people who need to travel with a kit easily. Here is what TAMA say about this kit:

“We are proud to offer a new compact kit – the "Club-JAM" Kit – made from the uniquely grained Mersawa wood. This kit adopts some ideas from vintage kits, such as a cymbal holder mounted directly on the bass drum shell and curved bass drum spurs, further setting it apart from the typical compact kit.

Its compact size and configuration make it ideal for working drummers, and it fits comfortably on just about any stage. It is available as a 4pc complete kit with hardware, or as a 4pc shell pack.”

TAMA Club Jam on Andertons T.V.

Superstar Hyper Drive Kit

The new Superstar Hyper-Drive limited kit features a very unique setup for modern playing styles and sounds, and is poised to inspire drummers, much like the Superstar Hyper-Drive’s extra shallow toms did back in 2008.

The key component of this kit is the 14” x 10” snare drum, which we call the “Duo Snare”. This drum is special not only because of its uncommon 10” depth, but also because it is equipped with floor tom legs and brackets.

In addition to using it as a main snare in the standard position, you can also tune this drum low and place it where the first floor tom would traditionally go. As such, the snare can function as a low/deep snare with the snare wires engaged, or as a 14” floor tom with the snares off. This can lead to many unique phrasing opportunities.

If you’re looking for fresh ideas or renewed excitement for your drumming, we urge you to check out this new limited kit.

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