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Sire Marcus Miller basses are incredible value for money, and their quality has taken the music industry by storm!

History of Sire Basses

If you’ve never heard of Marcus Miller basses then here’s what you need to know:

Sire guitars are the company that build the now famous Marcus Miller basses. Marcus Miller himself is a world-renowned jazz and funk bassist with some of the best bass chops on the planet. And he’s worked with Sire instruments to make basses that are affordable but far exceed their price point in terms of feel, style and above all, sound.

How do they do this?

Unlike a lot of other guitar companies that outsource their work, Sire own the factory where their basses are built. This means firstly that they can cut costs but secondly, have full control of the quality of instrument that comes out of the workshop. This allows them to oversee the entire process.

And, Sire instruments are doing good in the world by taking a share of the corporations profits and giving back to society. They have founded schools in Cambodia and Laos and teaching music to children.

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Key Features

Let's take a look at some of the main features of the Marcus Miller series...

A lot of the Marcus Miller range is available in 4 and 5 string versions, with your choice of body wood. You can either go for Alder or Swamp Ash:

Body Woods

  • Alder - typically very balanced and resonant with a deep low-end and fantastic top-mid response
  • Swamp Ash - similar to Alder with a balanced EQ response though a bit ‘sweeter’ sounding with a slightly scooped mid making it great for slap-bass and funk styles.


  • Active or Passive - They’ve all got an active preamp on-board with an active/passive switch. So if you prefer a slightly mellower tone and want passive circuitry then it’s as easy as flicking the toggle switch. If you want more clarity, punch and control from your tone then you can use the active toggle switch to control the EQ settings on the bass.
  • Preamp - The Marcus Heritage-3 preamp system is on-board all of the basses and this is what really separates these basses from others in the same price bracket.
  • All the Mids - All models come with a sweepable mid-range control option that Marcus Miller specified as a must have item.
  • Pickup Blending - As well as having a volume and tone control you’ve got a pickup blending pot so that you can determine where your sound is coming from. So you can have all neck or all bridge or mix the 2 for your perfect tone setup.

The Sire Marcus Miller Range

V Series

The V3 boasts classic styling and a super-intuitive set of controls. But don't be decieved; these instruments conceal the same stunning Marcus Miller-designed Sire Preamp that helped put the brand on the map! 

This ensures a no-frills performance bass, with plenty of tonal legroom - it's never been easier to find your sound with a Sire Marcus Miller bass! The best bit? These are the most affordable Sire basses on the market, with a set of features and ground-breaking tone that surpasses anything else at this price point! 

This is a J-Style bass with enough versatility to take on any style of music. Thanks to the body woods chosen by Marcus Miller you can use the bass for slap, fingerstyle or pick bass techniques. With a classic sound but a modern design you can go from funk to hard rock by merely adjusting the EQ controls.

The V7 Vintage is very similar to the V-style with a few key differences such as a vintage bridge rather than the heavy mass bridge on other models. This gives the bass a slightly faster attack and with the Maple fretboard on the vintage models, you can target genre’s like funk easily.

The V9 is a premium J-bass style bass without the pickguard and a stunning flame maple veneer. This gives the bass a modern look and when combined with the solid construction and pickups found on the V9 you get a versatile bass that looks amazing too.

M Series

The new M2 range has a clear mission statement: bold modern tones and bold modern looks to match. Borrowing the same striking double-cut body shape from the popular M3 basses, the M2 series also features the Marcus Miller-designed Sire preamp. Combined with Marcus Blue humbuckers and in-depth tone controls, and you've got an instrument that truly delivers on every level. The best bit? All of the M2 range is priced at under £350!

An original and unique design, the Marcus Miller M3 is for the modern player who wants a fat humbucking bass tone with plenty of control.

The M7 is the same shape and style as the M3 but with a solid maple top, normally only found on premium instruments. This gives the tone a warmer top end making it great for slap and funk styles.

P Series

The P7 is a P-style bass with a symmetrical body shape and a single coil pickup in the bridge and a split single coil in the neck for that vintage P-style bass tone. It’s got a warm mid-range thanks to the pickup and wood combination and features the heavy-mass bridge specified by Marcus Miller to improve the sustain.

Left-Handed & Fretless

The Sire Marcus Miller range is available in both Fretless and Left handed versions. These basses have been incredibly popular since arriving at Andertons and left-handed bassists can now get their hands on some of the best value-for-money basses we’ve ever seen.

Both the fretless and left-handed basses are available with the same spec as their right handed counterparts. If there’s a particular model, colour and fretboard combo you’d like to go for and can’t see it on the site, please get in touch with us.

Fan favourites like the P7, V7, V7 Vintage, V9 and more are all available in the left handed AND fretless range.

Sire Marcus Miller Fretless – The Fretless range of Marcus Miller basses captures the clear punchy tone of their fretted range with the smooth tonal response and silky feel that you can only get from a fretless bass. You can get a very ‘woody’ response from the basses when tweaking the volume and tone controls to find that perfect balance of warmth and brightness or you can crank the tone control down to get a jazz upright bass tone.

The fretless Marcus Miller basses are incredibly versatile thanks to the Heritage-3 active pickup system. The use of an 18v battery gives a lot more headroom than a 9v battery would which means you a transparent, clear bass tone with a strong and powerful output. You’ve also got a 3-band EQ which will help you control and tweak your tone for whatever genre of music you’re playing.

Sire Left-Handed & Fretless on Andertons T.V.

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