Roland Blues Cube Tour 100w Head


Solid State amps may have gotten a bad rap over the last few years from people making small poor sounding combos that are made to be used as your first amp. Roland want to get rid of the idea that Solid State amps are bad by making a premium transistor amplifier that is gig worthy out of the box. This amp is the Blues Cube Tour Head and when combined with their Blues Cube 4x10" cab you are ready for any gig.


One of the biggest issues with using a valve amplifier is that they are large, bulky and because of that very heavy. By emulating the circuitry but using transistors instead of valves you can make it much smaller and lighter so that you can easily travel from gig to gig.

Tube Like Tone

This is not a modeling amplifier that is emulating what an amplifier should sound like, this is a real transistor amplifier that is wired similar to how a real valve amp is but replacing the hefty valve components with smaller and lighter transistors. This means that you get true classic tweed amp response but at any volume as you don't have any valves you need to push.

Clean and Crunch

Designed after classic tweed style amplifiers the Blues Cube Artist features not only clean and crunch channels which will take you from the crisp cleans to glorious mid gain lead tones. Perfect for, pop, blues, rock and much more this head is the perfect gigging amp. The best part though is that you can use both channels at once offering up some really cool and unique sounds not available on any other amplifier.

Maintenance Free

Solid State amps are known for being much more reliable than valve amplifiers. While valve amps can suddenly die from the lightest of knocks in the wrong direction, solid state amps will keep on working for years and years without issue. If you want to make sure your backline doesn't go down on your next tour this is an amp worth looking at.

Takes Pedals Like A Champ

One of the key advantages valve amplifiers have had over solid state competitors is that they take pedals a lot better. The Blues Cube Artist fights back against this though and now it can take all the pedals you want just as well as a valve amplifier. So feel free to pile on the drive and let the amp do the work.

Power Amp Options

While a lot of amplifiers have got power amp scaling that really doesn't work that well on solid state amps. So instead of opting for your traditional power amp scaling the Blues Cube Tour has separate power amps for 0.5w,15w,45w and 100w modes. These can power any size of cabinet but work best when used alongside the matching 4x10" cab.


  • Performance-ready 100-watt guitar head with authentic tube tone and touch response
  • Roland's comprehensive Tube Logic design delivers the interactive tonal behaviors of famous fine-tuned vintage tube amps, including preamp and output tube distortion characteristics, power supply compression, and much more
  • Independent Clean and Crunch channels, plus unique Dual Tone mode for blending channels to expand tonal possibilities
  • Master volume, three-band EQ, and Presence control, plus Boost and Tone switches on each channel
  • Four-way Power Control (0.5 W, 15 W, 45 W, Max) allows for cranked-amp tones at any volume
  • High-quality reverb, plus two effects loops for external devices
  • Stylish, modern look with a vintage vibe
  • Efficient, lightweight design provides easy portability without sacrificing tone quality
  • USB output for high-quality direct recording to a computer
  • Optional GA-FC Foot Controller for Channel Select, Dual Tone, and EFX Loops


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