Ring Modulator Pedals

If you’re an effects connoisseur looking for new sounds that really push the envelope, our range of ring modulator pedals will undoubtedly expand the sonic capabilities of your rig.

Ring Modulator Pedals

Guitar ring modulator pedals provide a range of wacky and otherworldly sounds that just can’t be achieved with conventional stompboxes. Opening up new creative avenues, this distinctive effect can be used to really inspire and diversify your songwriting. 

Manipulating and detuning your guitar’s signal by mixing it with an oscillator, ring mod pedals are very unique and can sometimes be difficult to use in some musical contexts. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad though, as ring modulators are great for taking the predictability out of your riffs, giving your audience a fresh and engaging sound. If you’re into electronic music in particular, ring modulators can be used to great effect (no pun intended), even with synths!

Due to their unusual sound and the lower demand from players, ring mod stompboxes aren’t produced by that many brands. However, here at Andertons Music Co. we stock a handful of these peculiar pedals, from established brands such as DOD, Moog and Electro Harmonix. The Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water pedal is a stand-out option, boasting many controls to offer a versatile palette of sounds.

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