Rift Amps

Based in Brackley, England, Rift Amps is a boutique guitar amplifier brand that specialises in nostalgic, vintage-style combos.

Rift Amps

Hand-wired and built with the utmost attention-to-detail, Rift Amplification faithfully recreates some of the world's most desired traditional guitar amps from the '50 and '60s.

Originally modifying Fender amp circuits, the company now produce their own tweaked designs under the Rift Amps moniker. While retaining the classic styling you know and love, Rift's time-honoured products have the trusted reliability you'd expect from modern valve amplifiers and can serve as perfect workhorses for live performances or studio sessions.

Despite the majority of their catalogue consisting of customised clones, the Rift Amps lineup is actually led by the Hawker, an original design. Essentially a 'best of British' amplifier, this model gives you the unbridled sound of the early UK rock scene, and also boasts multiple modern features to meet the standards of contemporary guitar players.

If you would like you Rift amp to come with different specs not shown here, simply contact us and we'll do our best to organise those changes for you.