Guitar Workshop & Repairs

Our full time technicians have over 70 years combined experience in building, repairing and modifying stringed instruments, carrying out everything from restrings for complete novices to major rebuilds for some of the biggest names in the business.

Our techs are authorised repairers for Fender, Gibson and Taylor and regularly undertake warranty work for all other brands sold through the retail side of the business.

Guitar Repairs & Workshop

Andertons operate two dedicated workshop sites. The in-store workshop primarily serves shop customers and carries out major structural repairs, while the warehouse facility handles mainly QC and web sales. We also have trained staff available to offer advice and minor repairs in-store at weekends.

Customer repairs & servicing

From the workshop at our Guildford store

Over 70 years combined luthier experience

Multi point checks

Major brands authorised repair centre

Tens of thousands of instruments serviced

Available Online & In-Store

Including Fender, Gibson & Taylor

How much will it cost?

Our technicians can be contacted by phone or email for an estimated cost but will usually want to examine your instrument before giving a firm price; we will always contact you before carrying out any additional work we think is required.

These example costs are based on our standard £50/hour labour rate and don't include parts. N.B. we need to examine your instrument and requirements before giving a final price.

Example Repair Costs

Service Example Cost
Basic Service (Fixed Bridge) £50
Basic Service (Traditional Tremolo) £62.50
Basic Service (Floyd Rose) £75
Single Pickup Installation £50/hr + Parts
Guitar Amp Valve Replacement £50/hr + Parts

How long will it take?

Both workshops are fully equipped so we have the flexibility to actively manage our workload and keep turnaround times to a minimum. We aim to complete most routine repairs in three to five days, with a maximum turnaround time of ten days during busy periods. Repairs requiring model-specific parts may take longer depending on manufacturer’s lead times, and nitro-cellulose refinishes require several weeks drying time.

Contact us to discuss your repairs requirements

How do I book my guitar in?

You can book your guitar in by bringing it in to store where we can diagnose any issues you may have and note any special requirements you may have. One of our guitar specialists will help you book your guitar in for repair and we'll contact you as soon as it's done.

Quality Control Department

Andertons don't just repair instruments in our workshops; many guitars and basses pass through our dedicated quality control department every month. We know that, for many customers, ordering on the web or over the phone is a big leap of faith, so we do what we can to make sure that you can shop confidently.

Rest assured that we really want you to be happy with your new instrument, so we employ dedicated QC techs to look over certain goods as they are delivered to us. We know our manufacturers and their products well, so we are quick to focus on the areas where problems may occur.

Quality Control Checklist

  • These are just some of the things that our QC team look out for when particular guitars come through our workshop:

  • Polish & Level Frets✓
  • Check & adjust neck relief✓
  • Adjust and correct all pots, switches and sockets ✓
  • Check & adjust the nut✓
  • Tighten Machineheads ✓
  • Check & adjust the neck angle and alignment✓
  • Restring ✓
  • Check & adjust the action✓
  • Clean & polish the guitar✓

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