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Steinberg Dorico Pro 3 Notation Software - EDU

Educational Copy


Please Note: This is an educational copy of Dorico Pro 3, you need to be a current student or educational professional to purchase and proof of eligibility is required. Click here for more information.

Accessible yet powerful, Dorico 3 offers tools to help everyone from hobbyists to professionals notate music. As the name suggests, Dorico Pro 3 is equipped with the tools to meet the needs of professional and more demanding users. If you're writing complex compositions you'll find that Dorico Pro 3 has intuitive tools to help you achieve your vision.

With its intelligent composing features that adjust as you write, realistic playback, streamlined and intuitive interface, and professional-quality publishing Dorico 3 has everyone from beginner to advanced composers covered. For a comparison between the Pro and Elements versions click here.

Here's What Steinberg Say About Dorico's Features and What's New in Dorico Pro 3


  • Best automatic engraving of any software
  • Easy note input
  • Intelligently adjusts notation as you write
  • Any number of movements or pieces in a single project
  • Automatic layout of instrumental parts, including unique linked cues
  • Stunning playback — nearly 1,500 sounds included
  • Supports VST 3 virtual instruments and effects processors (30 included)
  • Sequencer-style piano roll MIDI editor
  • DTP page layout
  • Sophisticated chord symbols, unpitched percussion and drum set notation
  • Unbarred music, tuplets across barlines, microtonality, etc. all handled correctly — no workarounds
  • Transfer to and from other programs via MusicXML, MIDI, PDF, etc.
  • For a full list of features click here

More Beauty, More Brains

Dorico 3 drives the state of the art in music notation software forward. Only Dorico 3 can produce a condensed conductor’s score in a single click. Dorico 3 also introduces powerful new features for guitar and harp, sophisticated new playback controls, and much more, wrapped up in a newly-refined and elegant user interface.


In a conductor’s score, music for multiple players is condensed onto a smaller number of staves, reducing the number of staves on each page and allowing each staff to be larger, aiding legibility. Producing a conductor’s score has always been laborious and time-consuming, requiring a great deal of planning and revision throughout the whole process, with almost no assistance from software – until now. Dorico 3 introduces the ability to create an intelligently-formatted conductor’s score with a single click, while still maintaining complete and correct instrumental parts. Profound step changes in productivity in music notation software come along perhaps once a decade: this is one of them.


Dorico 3 greatly enriches its support for notation for guitar and other fretted instruments. Choose whether to show music for each guitar as staff notation, guitar tab, or both: naturally, changes to the staff notation are automatically reflected in the tab, and vice versa. Edit the tuning of each string, and add or remove strings: Dorico 3 automatically handles fretboards with irregular fret spacing (such as dulcimer), or instruments where one or more strings is shorter than the others (such as banjo). If you choose to show guitar tab on its own, control how rhythms are shown, including support for enclosing half notes (minims) and longer to distinguish them from shorter note values. Idiomatic guitar techniques such as slides, bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs, and harmonics are all elegantly supported.

Guitar notations

In addition to tablature support, Dorico 3 introduces support for chord diagrams, including a library of hundreds of standard chord shapes, and the ability to quickly and easily design your own. For classical guitar notation, Dorico 3 provides comprehensive support for left- and right-hand fingering, including automatic placement of left-hand fingering within the staff, tucked in with the notes, as seen in the finest engraved publications. And improved string and capo indicators make it easy to provide all the information your performers will need.

Playback templates

Dorico 3 makes it easier to work with third-party sound libraries and virtual instruments with the introduction of custom playback templates. After you have set up playback for a particular virtual instrument in one project, you can now save that configuration for use in future projects. Create a custom template that uses your favorite dedicated piano virtual instrument, uses strings from your favorite orchestral library, and falls back on the bundled HALion Symphonic Orchestra sounds for everything else. Share your saved configurations with colleagues and other users, with simple drag-and-drop installation. And with expanded capabilities in VST Expression Maps, it’s easier to take advantage of all of the advanced techniques provided by your favourite sample libraries.

Soundiron Olympus Micro

Steinberg is proud to have partnered with one of the world’s leading producers of sample libraries and virtual instruments, Soundiron, to bring their acclaimed choir library Olympus Choir Micro to HALion Sonic SE – and Olympus Choir Micro is included with Dorico 3, providing expressive and realistic mixed voice choir sounds with two syllables (“ooh” and “ah”). If you fall in love with the Olympus Choir Micro sounds, Soundiron will be bringing the advanced version Olympus Choir Elements to HALion soon.

Smart harp pedaling

Even composers and arrangers familiar with the technical aspects of writing for the harp will welcome Dorico 3’s new smart harp pedaling features. Check that the music you’re writing is practical for the harpist by having Dorico calculate what pedal settings are required, showing any notes that cannot be played by the current pedals in red. Quickly add your own pedal indications, with a choice of appearance – using either a diagram or note names for each pedal – which are automatically positioned and can be set to appear in either the full score or the harp part, or both.


Leave reminders to yourself or for your collaborators using Dorico 3's new Comments panel. Each comment is identified by the author's initials, and it's quick and easy to reply to an existing comment. When you come to proof-read your score, export all of the comments in a formatted list to print.


Dorico 3 brings a suite of improvements to handling lyrics. Fine-tune the vertical position of each line of lyrics in Engrave mode, copy and paste lyrics to other applications, paste hyphenated lyrics syllable by syllable, and see all of the lyrics in a given line in an editor dialog, allowing you to quickly see all of the lyrics at a glance, making it much easier to spot and fix typing errors.

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