Plugins & VST Effects

Browse our collection of VST plugins, mixing tools and high quality virtual effects from industry brands like Waves, Izotope and Universal Audio.

Plugins & VST Effects

If you’re looking for that special element that will give your mixes a distinctive tone, or you need to take a fresh look at your workflow with a new mixing tool, VST plugins and effects are a great cost effective way of bringing something new to your studio.

Whether it’s a reel to reel tape effect for authentic vintage tone, or an authentic recreation of the classic SSL Channel strip so that you feel your mixing with a legendary console, our vast selection of AU and VST plugins for Mac and PC will give you plenty of options to choose from.

Plugin Bundles

There are also a wide variety of plugin bundles, that give you a wide range of instruments and effects for amazing prices compared to the individual prices. Our Waves Gold and Waves Diamond Bundles are hugely popular options for mixing engineers, and singer-songwriters and composers love the Native Instruments “Komplete” Collections.

Mixing Tools for Beginners

If you’re a musician who’s new to mixing, we would recommend you look at the Toontrack EZ Mix series which has a wide range of presets for different genres so that you can get a professional mix in no time, but provides the tweakability you need to keep creative control of your mix.

The Waves Signature series plugins are also great for quick mixing in a matter of minutes. Use the same studio tools as your favourite famous producers, and swap confusing “threshold” and “ratio” controls for simple and direct “attitude”, “warmth” and “girth” controls.