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Lovepedal Stax Master Pedal

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The Lovepedal Stax Master

A twin button bluesy/rock overdrive pedal designed by Sean Michael & Lee Anderton.

We'll let Lee Anderton tell you about it...

"I've been around guitars & guitar gear all my life. I'm not the best player out there (by a long way!), but I think I know a good guitar sound when I hear one. I first heard a LovePedal about 5 years ago, and to this day I've still not sounded better than with a great clean sounding amp & one or two of their pedals at my feet. About a year ago I had an idea about asking LovePedal owner Sean Michael to design me my own pedal. I wanted a dual button pedal that would give me the classic smooth tones of the LovePedal Eternity Drive, but with another button that would activate the LovePedal Red Head (with the mid boost circuit already engaged). The two pedals blended right give me great rhythm tones, plus that special boosted lead tone that just wants to hand there, slightly feeding back, even at low volumes. Now Sean is a busy guy, and he gets asked for modded pedals all the time, but I hassled him (a lot!) and eventually he made me a prototype. Before he sent it, he emailed me saying "This thing is Badass" - I hoped that meant something good. So it arrived, I plugged it in & bingo - he'd nailed it. I didn't have to tweak anything. All that was left was for me to give it a name & come up with some graphics. Sean described the pedal as a "stacked drive circuit", and that reminded me of some really old blues albums that I bought from a second hand record store when I was learning to play the guitar. The albums were released under the title Stax Master Blues - I think it was the record label name. Anyway - I liked the name Stax Master & it stuck. The black & white design is more to do with the limitations of the printer Sean uses, but I like it - the LED buttons are blue for the Eternity Drive & red for the Red Head - makes sense. The buttons can be used separately or together. I don't really use the Red Head for anything other than to boost the Eternity for a solo, but you absolutely could use the Red Head on its own to boost a more gainy amp.

Technically I don't know what else to tell you, other than it runs on a 9v battery or a 9v power supply, and I believe its true bypass! And it's hand made in America & you can only buy them from Andertons!"



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