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Yamaha STAGEPAS 500 Portable PA System

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The Yamaha Stagepas 500 System

Please note this system does not come with speaker stands

The Yamaha Stagepas 500 system puts a whole new meaning to the words portable PA. Those clever chaps at Yamaha have designed a PA system where the mixer amp clips into the back of one of the speakers so there is no extra mixer box to carry around. Overall the sound is impressive, especially when you consider the size of the speakers. We'd recommend the Stagepas system to any solo or duo act that require good all round sound but in a very portable package. The Stagepas system is also popular with schools & businesses as it's simple to use & very easy to store in a small space.

Here's what Yamaha say about the Stagepas 500

The Yamaha STAGEPAS 500 is an incredibly lightweight, portable, easy-to-use PA system consisting of a pair of high-performance speakers with a built-in powered mixer.

Using the Yamaha STAGEPAS 500, you can be set up and playing in a matter of minutes, and then packed away and on the road again with the same ease and speed when you're done. And all of this is provided with no compromise in sound quality or versatility, plus some advanced features you normally wouldn't expect to find in systems in this class. Getting great sound for live performance used to be a big deal.

Two 250-watt power amplifiers can fill surprisingly large clubs or rooms, or project your sound over a considerable distance outdoors. The class-D power amplifier has been painstakingly designed to deliver superior sound quality as well as reliability in a remarkably compact unit. The Yamaha STAGEPAS 500 also gives you 10 input channels in all: four mono microphone/line inputs and three stereo line inputs. The additional stereo channel can used for either a stereo or mono source. In addition to the main speaker outputs the mixer has line outputs that can be used to connect additional powered speakers for monitoring, and to send the mixer's output to a recording device.

The STAGEPAS 500 mixer features switchable phantom power for the four mono microphone/line inputs. This lets you use high-performance phantom-powered condenser microphones in situations where you want the extended, natural response they provide. Channels 1 and 2 feature LIMIT/COMP switches that let you apply either limiting or compression to those channels. Limiting can be useful to prevent input overload and distortion with sources that have a wide dynamic range, while compression can add punch to vocals, bass, guitar, and other sources while smoothing out the sound and helping it to "ride" better in the mix. The STAGEPAS 500 mixer has 2-band EQ controls on each channel, as well as REVERB switches on channels 1 through 4. A separate REVERB level control adjusts the reverb mix.

STAGEPAS 500 speakers have 10in woofers and 1in high-frequency units. Both types deliver clean, high-quality sound. The speakers can be stand mounted without standard speaker stand adapters.

Yamaha STAGEPAS 500 main features include

  • Dual 250-Watt amplifier
  • Versatile 10-channel Mixer with Monitor and Record Outputs
  • Phantom Power for High-performance Condenser Microphones
  • Built-in Channel Compression/Limiting, 2-band Channel EQ and SPX Digital Reverb
  • High-performance 10" 2-way Passive Speakers
  • MUSIC / SPEECH Switch optimizes the system settings for maximum clarity with speech.
  • XLR and phone-jack inputs on mono channels, and phone-jack and RCA pin-jack inputs on stereo channels allow connection to a wide range of sources.
  • MIC/LINE switches select microphone or line level input matching for channels 1 through 4.
  • Auto Limiter prevents overload damage to power amplifier and speakers.
  • LED output level meter.
  • Speaker cables supplied.

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