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Digitech RP150 Modelling Guitar Processor Pedal

Digitech RP150 Modelling Guitar Processor

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With Tone and Effects Library knobs, the DigiTech RP150 is a very easy to use and very sophisiticated multi-effects guitar pedal. Select 1 of 30 tone presets from the Tone Library, pick 1 of 30 effects chains from the Effects Library, dial in your desired effects level, and you are ready to rock. Somewhere among the 72 total models and 48 effects models will be combinations that suit your playing style. Two footswitches, four buttons, four encoders, and a Control In connector for an optional expression pedal let the player take complete control over the tone with the DigiTech RP150. A two-character display is easily visible on stage or in the studio.

The DigiTech RP150 is based on DigiTech's propriatary AudioDNA2 processing chip, a super-processing engine that powers DigiTech's new generation of effects and models. From the same DSP design team that produced DigiTech's Artist Series Pedal, the AudioDNA2 processor has more DSP processing power which allows extremely detailed, accurate and realistic emulations of classic amps, cabinets and stompboxes.

The DigiTech RP150 has a built-in 24-bit 2 In/ 2 Out USB interface allowing you to lay down tracks with your PC or Mac multitrack DAW software. Or play back a mix or MP3 cut directly through your RP150 and jam along.

The RP150 processor incorporates new feature for quick access to 30 preset tone libraries and 30 effects chains. Simply dial in a genre based tone setting and then select from a variety of pre-programmed effect combinations. The RP150 includes a built-in drum machine featuring 60 professionally programmed patterns and a high quality drum kit. A chromatic tuner with drop-tuning options is standard, as is five seconds of delay time. USB connectivity provides preset editing using the included X-Edit editor librarian software for PC and Mac.

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Audio DNA2 DSP Super-Chip.
24-Bit 44.1kHz A/D/A.
Drum Machine with 60 Patterns.
30-Preset Tone Library.
30-Preset Effects Library.
77 Totals Models.
48 Effects Models, up to 11 at a time.
17 Amp/Pre-Amp/Acoustic Models with A/B Switchng.
12 Cabinet Models based on vintage Fender, Marshall and VOX.
9 Stompbox models including TS-808, DOD250, ProCo Rat, Big Muff Pi.
Lexicon reverbs.
3 Wahs.
2 Rotary Models.
50 Factory/50 User Presets.
2 In/2 Out Audio USB Interface.
1/4" Instrument Input.
1/4" Stereo Output with Amp/Mixer Switch.
1/8" Headphone Output.
1/4" Control Input.
USB 1.0 2 In/2Out Audio Interface.
Power Supply Included.

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