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Gibson LTD Les Paul Standard 2010 Robot Guitar in Fireball Cherry

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Gibson LTD Les Paul Standard 2010 Robot in Fireball Cherry

Only 400 of these 2010 Limited Edition Les Paul's will be produced, and we will only be getting hold of a small handful so if you're interested, get in quickly! Bringing together the legacy of one of the world's most famous guitars and the innovation that has become synonymous with Gibson during recent years, this Robot Les Paul is fitted with a piezo pickup in addition to the P-90 and the Burstbucker 3. Thanks to Gibsons MCK (Master Control Knob) it is easy to blend these three pickups in a variety of ways giving you versatility and the opportunity to create unique tones.

Being a Les Paul, this guitar is made to top specifications instrumentally as well as electronically and comes with a hard case and full accessory pack, as with any Gibson of this calibre.

Here's what Gibson say about the Limited Les Paul Standard 2010

Les Paul, Gibson and the Les Paul guitar have always been about innovation. Now, Gibson is bringing the innovation of Robot Guitar tuning technology to the classic Les Paul model with the release of the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited. With a legacy as one of the most versatile electric guitars available, the new Les Paul knocks versatility right off the charts, courtesy of Gibson USA.

With Robot Guitar automated tuning capabilities, two different but seminal magnetic pickups, a piezo-loaded bridge, and Chameleon Tone Technology courtesy of its Master Control Knob (MCK), the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited packs a dizzying array of sonic capabilities, all primed to unlock your inner creative potential. From the raw, biting crunch of a hot, chrome-covered, hum-canceling P-90H in the neck position and the sizzling wail and punch of an overwound BurstBucker 3 in the bridge, to the subtle acoustic response of its piezo bridges saddles - and any conceivable blend of the three, accessed instantly from the MCK - the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited really does pack all the tonal colors of the rainbow. And to keep it all sounding true, Gibson's exclusive Robot Technology puts you perfectly into tune in seconds at the push of a button, or shifts you into any of a countless number of open and alternate tunings, all accessed at your command.

Technology aside, it's a top-flight Les Paul in the traditional sense, too, yet with a plethora of custom upgrades befitting its Limited status. Constructed with a Grade-AA flamed maple top, Grade-A chambered mahogany back, and one-piece mahogany neck, the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited offers classic Les Paul tonewoods, combined with a look that's exclusive to this run of only 400 guitars.

A unique new Fireball finish with dark 'burst edges graces its top, while its back, neck and sides are dressed in a deep Vintage Sunburst with a dark cherry center and dark edges. Like several of Gibson USA's models of years past, the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's fast, slim '60s profiled neck carries a dark Grade-A ebony fingerboard with block inlays, while its headstock wears a chrome truss rod cover and a Les Paul designation. Quite simply, there has never been a Les Paul like it - and once they are gone, there never will be again.

All Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's include an owner's manual, two batteries and an independent charger, and come protected in a Limited Edition plush-lined, white, hardshell case with plated emblem.

Body and Finish

Crafted along the classic lines of the Les Paul Standard, the Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited has a Grade-AA maple top and chambered Grade-A mahogany back - a legendary partnership in tonewoods - with Gibson's exclusive Fireball finish on the top and Cherry Vintage Sunburst on the back, neck and sides, all in nitrocellulose lacquer.

Neck and Headstock

The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's neck is constructed from one solid piece of mahogany, cut using the superior quarter-sawn orientation for improved strength and resonance, and glued to the body at the Les Paul's traditional 5 degrees angle (pitch).

A traditional headstock wears the classic Gibson logo, along with the six Robot Tuners that comprise the muscle of its Robot tuning capabilities.
Pickups and Electronics

The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's straightforward looks belie a virtually unlimited tonal palette, accessed via its MCK from a P90H neck pickup, and BurstBucker 3 bridge pickup, and a piezo-saddle bridge.

Routed independently or in myriad combinations, these pickups yield unparalleled sonic versatility, while the user-friendly control array ensures you can access them mid-flight without a single hitch in your performance, even blending in piezo acoustic tones as desired via the rotary potentiometer built into the guitar's toggle pickup selector switch.


The Les Paul Standard 2010 Limited's hardware includes an upgraded set of components designed for maximum tone and function. Although it looks like the traditional Tune-o-matic model introduced in 1954, its bridge carries individual piezo-pickup-loaded saddles, and is partnered with a new tailpiece engineered for maximum string-to-body coupling.

Topping it all off, six Robot Tuners provide the muscle for its Robot automated tuning capabilities. Finally, a pair of locking strap buttons ensure the whole thing stays secure.


  • Top: Maple
  • Back: Mahogany
  • Binding: 1 pc Black (Inside) 1pc White (Outside)
  • Body Type: Chambered
  • Adhesive: Franklin Titebond


  • Species: Mahogany
  • Profile: Slim 60's Profile Neck
  • Joint Angle: 5 degrees (+/- 15 seconds)
  • Truss Rod: Traditional Adjustable
  • Adhesive: Franklin Titebond

Neck Fit

  • Joint: Mortise & Tenon
  • Adhesive: Franklin Titebond 50
  • Joint Angle Tolerance: +/- .005"


  • Species: Ebony
  • Frets: 22
  • Nut/E.O.B: 1.695 / 2.260
  • Binding: White
  • Inlays: White Acrylic Blocks


  • Material: Black Tefzell
  • Width: 1.695
  • Slots: Gibson PLEK System
  • Headstock

    • Inlay: Mother of Pearl
    • Logo: Gibson Logo Inlay with Scripted "Limited Edition" Silkscreen
    • Truss Rod Cover: Chrome Bell with Scripted "Les Paul"


    • Model: Robot Tuners
    • Tuning Ratio: Capable of changing the frequency by 5 halftones per second
    • Gear Type: Stepper motor
    • Plating: Black


    • Type: Piezo Bridge
    • Material: Zamak
    • Plating: Chrome


    • Type: Robot Stop Bar
    • Material: Zamak
    • Plating: Chrome


    • Knobs: 2 Black Top hats with "Bridge Volume" and "Neck Volume" inserts, 1 Black Speed knob for Tone, 1 MCK.
    • Pickguard: 5ply with P-90 & Humbucker cut
    • Toggle Switch: 3-way Toggle with Piezo Blend
    • Strap Buttons: Dunlop Straplocks


    • Neck Position: P-90 H
    • Bridge Position: Burstbucker 3
    • Magnet Material: Neck: Alnico V; Bridge: Alnico II


    • Master-Control-Knob (MCK): Full Color LED Control Center for Dialing-in Multiple Tunings, Sound and Pickup Coil Selection.
    • Potentiometers: Lead and Rhythm Volume
    • Type: 300k Linear
    • Coil Wiring: Machine Wound
    • Peak Voltage: 750v
    • Range: 0-300k
    • Frequency Curve: User-definable
    • Active Gain Stage: LP-Z High Definition Impedance Circuit
    • Jack Plate: Chrome LP-Z


    • Color: Fireball
    • Sealer: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
    • Process: 1-1.5 mils Fireball


    • Type: Les Paul 2010 Limited
    • Case Exterior: White Vinyl
    • Case Interior: Plush Grey


    • Accessory Pack: 2 Batteries and Charger
    • Manuals: Gibson Owner's Manual with Warranty Information

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