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Tone King Ironman II MIni Precision Reactive Power Attenuator

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The Tone King Ironman II Mini is the first time Tone Kings incredibly transparent attenuation has been available outside of one of their amps. Designed to handle up to 30w at 8ohm the this attenuator is a little powerhouse that is actually designed to go on your pedalboard.

Transparent Reactive Load

This is a very simple to set up attenuator. Just set this up between the speaker out and speaker cabinet within your rig and you are ready to go. The amount of attenuation is easily adjustable using the db control on top of the unit with up to -32db attenuation available which is enough to take loud gigging amps to bedroom levels.

Because of its reactive load design that tunes itself to the incoming signal you get next to no difference in tone when using the attenuator or not. No more lost tone just because you didn't want to annoy the neighbours.

Load Box

One really great use for the Ironman II Mini is a way to load any 30w 8 ohm amplifier. What this means is that when set to -32db you can actually disconnect the speaker cable muting your rig and letting you run out of the line out on the Ironman to your DAW running a cabinet sim.

Solo Mode

One of the reasons you will want to use an attenuator is that you have the perfect amount of gain and saturation but need to lower the volume. So why when you want to go in to a solo would you want to throw more in to the front end of the amp. Instead why not lower the attenuation on the fly...exactly like you can on this attenuator. Just press the Solo footswitch and it will drop either 3 or 6 db for that extra bit of volume.


  • Power Handling: 30W R.M.S. Maximum
  • Input Impedance: Fixed Impedance; 8 Ohms only
  • Speaker Impedance: Fixed Impedance; 8 Ohms only
  • Attenuation Levels: A total of 18 distinct attenuation levels are available
  • Attenuation Dials: Selects between 6 different attenuation steps
  • SOLO Function: Selectable 3db/6db reduction in attenuation for solo volume boost
  • Range Switch: Selects between the HI and LO attenuation ranges, to control the attenuation level when the SOLO feature is inactive.
  • Line Out: Recording / D.I. output, impedance = 10K Ohms; level = -10dbu
  • LED Indicator: Indicates status of SOLO function
  • Power Source: Used for LED indicator only. Power supplied by either internal batteries (2 x AA cells) or external 9V source.
  • Dimensions: 7W x 8D x 1-5/8T
  • Weight: 5 lbs.