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Alesis iMultiMix 9R Rack Mixer w/ iPod dock

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This product is discontinued
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iPod Compatibility: Video only compatible with 5th Generation iPod Classic, all other ipods will work either with the dock or headphone out. 3rd Generation iPod Classic will work but will not charge while in the dock

The Alesis iMultimix 9R is an awesome way to intergrate an ipod into your sound system. It's perfect if you're a band wanting to use an ipod for backing tracks or even if you're a small venue looking for a mixer that you can use for small acts and plug an ipod in for instant music when the bands finish. Perfect!

The Alesis iMultimix 9R is rack mountable and features 5 XLR/Line inputs with inserts and two stereo channels, one of which is switchable between a line source and the iPod dock. Two aux channels are also provided. Outputs include three sets of stereo outs and RCA video out.

Here's what Alesis say about the iMultimix 9R

The iMultiMix 9R is a one-of-a-kind, rack-mounted tool for mixing and playback directly from an iPod. Video output equips the iMultMix 9R for use in nearly any venue as the ideal audio and video playback device.

This sturdy, compact, all-in-one rack-mounted mixer with integrated iPod player features 5 mic / line inputs with inserts to allow for easy external processing of incoming signals. In addition, two stereo line inputs are included, one of which can be switched between line and iPod playback.

The iMultiMix 9R also features 2-band per channel EQ, Mic/Line inputs and iPod playback in a single, intuitive package. The iMultiMix 9R can playback music from the iPod and mix your live performances instantly with iPod (Classic and 5th generation) or iPod nano (2nd and 3rd generation). This makes the iMultiMix 9R perfect for using the iPod as a backing track for solo or band performances, while mixing sound sources all in one compact, convenient place.

The easy-to-read 60mm faders ensure clear indication of audio level every time. For ultra–clean mixing of any performance, including home studios, musicians, small or large venues, and houses of worship, the iMultiMix 9R is an ideal solution.

iPod, iTunes, and Mac are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.


  • DIMENSIONS: 480(W) x 206(D) x 134(H)mm
  • WEIGHT: 4kg
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10 Hz - 65 kHz +0/-1 dB, -3dB Point @ 125 kHz
  • POWER: U.S.A model 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 40 watts power consumption maximum
  • MOUNTING: 19" EIA rack-mountable, 3 spaces


  • MIC IN: Female XLR
  • LINE IN: Female 1/4" TRS
  • INSERT: Female 1/4" TRS
  • MAIN OUT: -10dBV Female RCA
  • TAPE IN: Female RCA
  • VIDEO: Composite Video Female (RCA)


  • MIC IN: -60 dBu to -10 dBu nominal, maximum level +12 dBu
  • LINE IN: -40 dBu to +10 dBu nominal, maximum level +32 dBu (balanced)
  • STEREO LINE IN: -15 dBu to +15 dBu nominal, maximum input level +22 dBu
  • +76 dB, MIC IN to MAIN OUT, balanced
  • +80 dB, MIC IN to MONITOR OUT, balanced or unbalanced
  • CHANNEL PEAK LED ON: 6 dB below channel clipping
  • -24 dB to PK (+18 dB over reference at MAIN OUT, 6 dB before output clipping)
  • +4 dBu (1.24 volts) into a balanced load
  • MAIN OUT LEVEL (1/4")" (when meter is at 0 VU): -2 dBu into an unbalanced load
  • MAIN OUT LEVEL (RCA): -10 dBV (.316 volts) unbalanced
  • MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL: +22 dBu unbalanced, +28 dBu balanced (6 dB above PK segment of main meter)
  • MONITOR OUTPUT LEVEL: Same as above, but variable following MONITOR/PHONES control
  • INSERT/DIRECT OUT (tip): Unity gain
  • INSERT IN: (ring) Maximum level +22 dBu
  • HEADROOM: 23.5 dB above nominal output


  • MIC IN: 50-150 ? nominal source impedance (presents 4 k ? balanced load impedance)
  • LINE IN: 600 ?-2 k ? nominal (>20 k ? load impedance)


  • 150 Ohms unbalanced
  • 300 Ohms balanced
  • 1.1 k Ohms


  • MIC IN to INSERT OUT -128.5 dBu Equivalent Input Noise at maximum gain
  • Residual output noise (MASTER fader at nominal, channel faders at minimum): <-88 dBu
  • Inputs, faders and trims set to unity gain, inputs terminated 150 ?: <-85 dBu unbalanced (+22 dB max unbalanced out = 107 dB dynamic range)


    At INSERT jacks Better than 0.0010% At MAIN OUT (+21dBu balanced output level) Better than 0.0015%

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