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Roland CY-15R Silver Finish Dual Trigger 15" V Ride Cymbal

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Roland make some of the best electric drum kits on the market and this Cymbal makes a great addition to your electric drum set.

Most electronic drum kit cymbals just sit rigid, though they may sound similar to a real cymbal the response to your stick is totally different. The Roland CY15R is a fifteen-inch electronic ride cymbal with the same movement as an acoustic ride so you get not only the sound but the feel of the real thing.

Sensitive Response

A selectable dual-trigger system (edge/bow or bow/bell) allows for use as a ride cymbal or a large crash cymbal. Better still, simultaneous 3-way sensing (edge/bow/bell) is possible using the V-Drums TD-10 sound module equipped with the latest version of TDW-1 Wave and System Expansion Board. With this board, the Roland CY-15R even provides positional sensing on the bow section of the cymbal, allowing for incremental tonal changes in the manner of an acoustic ride

Silent Nights

Practicing drums quietly has always been an issue. Especially when your learning its inevitable that your neighbours/family/pets will have somethign to say about your constant thumping and crashing. Electronic kits are the best solution available but can struggle to match the response and sensitivity of genuine accoustic drums.

Roland are regarded as some of the best electronic kits available.

Here's what Roland have to say about the CY-15R

The CY-15R V-Cymbal Ride is a 15-inch cymbal which offers natural swinging movement and ultra-dynamic three-way triggering (edge/bow/bell) when used with the TD-20 or an expanded TD-10 sound module, making this the most expressive electronic cymbal ever designed. With edge/bow or bow/bell output jacks, this cymbal can be used as a ride cymbal or large crash cymbal, expanding the possibilities of any Roland drum system


  • Size 15"
  • Trigger 3 (Bow/Bell/Edge)
  • Connectors BOW/BELLOutput Jack, BOW/EDGE Output Jack

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Part Number: CY15RSV