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Fuzzrocious Baxstabber - EQ / Tone Shaper / Preamp Pedal

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Here's what Fuzzrocious say about the Baxstabber

BAXSTABBER is a EQ/preamp/tone shaper and possible level boost that takes any signal you feed it and applies the famous Baxandall EQ (simple treble and bass control with variable mid control based on where you set the T & B) with 144 different tone stacks of his/her choice via the two (2) 12-position rotary potentiometers (the pointy yellow and green knobs).

This pedal can be placed in any position on your pedalboard. Place it first and have a switchable tone stack to drive your other pedals. It will alter the sound of your instrument and pickups. For example, set up a tone stack/sound to change what EQ/sound you feed your other pedals. Place it after your all of your pedals and let them be affected by the tone stack.

  • VOLUME – makes the output of the circuit louder or quieter.
  • TREBLE –when turned clockwise, more treble is present.
  • BASS – when turned clockwise, more bass is present.
  • GREEN & YELLOW – mid contour control with different capacitors at each position.

With bass and treble at noon, there is an inherent slight mid bump. With both bass and treble dimed, there is a big mid scoop. With both controls fully clockwise, there is a huge mid bump. Adjust the treble and bass settings along with the mid contour pots to sculpt your sound and mids.

Fuzzrocious Pedals’ products do not support batteries due to risk of damage to the unit and for ecological concerns related to the use and disposal of batteries. It is the customer’s responsibility to power the pedal with a 9V DC 2.1mm center negative tip adaptor that will not be provided by Fuzzrocious Pedals, LLC.