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IK Multimedia AMPLITUBE VST Amp Modelling Software

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Amplitube VST Amp Modelling Software

  • Amp modeling
  • Stomp modeling
  • Post effects modeling
  • For MacOS and Windows
  • Separate Pre, EQ, Amp, Cabinet and Mic modeling
  • 1,260 different amp configurations can be emulated
  • 10 stomp, amp and post effects included
  • Based on must-have modern and vintage Amps and effects

AmpliTube; is a powerful new tool for guitar players that puts a virtually unlimited array of tones and effects at your fingertips. AmpliTube's stomp-box, post-effects and amp simulation capabilities make it easy to craft everything from rich, vintage tones to unique cutting-edge sounds.

AmpliTube includes 3 Powerful Modules: :

  • Amp module
  • Stomp-Boxes module
  • Post FX module

AmpliTube offers1260 astonishing amp combinations! NO OTHER HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE allows you to combine amp models like AmpliTube. For example, you can blend a Fender Super Reverb's; Pre Amp and EQ with a VOX AC30 Amp AND a Marshall 4x12" cabinet to get amazing guitar sounds.

Powerful Amp Module with Pre-Amps, Power Amps, EQs, Cabs and Mic Models!
The Amp Module is the heart of this advanced audio software. The Amp Module makes it easy to combine 7 different Pre-Amp models, 5 EQs, 4 Power Amps, 9 Cabinets and 2 Mic models to precisely craft your favorite amp sounds. The most acclaimed modern and vintage amp emulations are all built-in, and AmpliTube's friendly interface makes it easy to create a mind-blowing 1,260 different configurations with combinations of any of these settings!

The AmpliTube Amp module uses sophisticated modeling techniques based on vintage and modern must-have amps including Marshall, Fender, Vox, Mesaboogie and many more. Its 32 bit floating point processing ensures the most accurate amp emulations and offers an incredible realism ranging from solid state to true tube amps modeling. The Amp module also includes a Tremolo and Spring Reverb, making it easy to add these essential effects.

Built-in Mic Modeling for Accuracy and Flexibility!
The axis and placement of recording microphones is a critical factor in tailoring final amp sounds. AmpliTube ensures the most accurate emulation by allowing users to select the type (condenser/dynamic), axis and placement of the recording microphone for maximum sonic quality and flexibility.

Integrated Effects Expand Your Sonic Landscape
AmpliTube features 10 classic, analog stomp and rack-style effects to add an arsenal of unlimited sonic possibilities to your bag of guitar tricks. With multiple amps, premium effects and complete control over your sound, AmpliTube provides all the tools you'll need to create original sounds that will take your music to new levels. 

AmpliTube's Stomp-boxes module offers 5 effects including Wah-Wah, Delay, Chorus, Flanger and Overdrive modeled on legendary guitar effects.

The post FX module includes 3 stereo post-effects with 3 band parametric Equalizer, Stereo Delay and Stereo Reverb.

More than 200 Fully-Editable Presets!
AmpliTube is loaded with 200 presets for all the classic guitar amps and sounds you've ever wanted. Because all presets can be edited, you can craft your sound, save it and get it back with a single click. You'll never waste time trying to remember how you created that once-in-a-lifetime sound.

Play it Live!
Using low latency card AmpliTube can be played live and with the same feeling as if a big stack was right beside you!

Amazing Dynamics, Realism and Frequency Response
AmpliTube offers the best sounds available in any hardware or software amp simulator on the market! AmpliTube has won A-B comparisons for realism, dynamics and frequency response. Guitarists around the world agree that recording with AmpliTube sounds too real to be true.

Compatible with all Major Recording Platforms!
AmpliTube is available for all major recording platforms. All versions are available at the same affordable price.

Ideal for Every Studio!
The combination of guitar amp and effects models, extreme flexibility, and support of all major platforms make AmpliTube the perfect choice for project and pro studios. AmpliTube can also be used to tailor the sound of vocals, keyboards and synths, making it a key component in your total sound.


  • Type - RTAS, HTDM, VST, DX, MAS and Audio Unit guitar amp and fx modeling software
  • Processing - RTAS, HTDM, VST, DX, MAS and Audio Unit guitar amp and fx modeling software

Amp Module

  • 7 pre-amps models: solid state clean, vintage clean, tube clean, british crunch, modern hi-gain, solid state lead, fuzz
  • 5 eqs models: tube american, tube american 2, british class A, tube british, tube british 2
  • 4 power amps models: solid state 30W, solid state 100W, tube 100W, tube 50W
  • 9 cabinets models: small combo, open back 1x12", open back 1x12"II, vintage open 4x 10", modern closed 4x10", vintage closed 4x12", modern closed 4x12", british 2x12", no speaker
  • 2 Mic models: condenser, dynamic

Stomp Module

5 Stomp efects models: Wah-Wah, Chorus, Delay, Flanger, Overdrive

Post FX Module 3

Stereo Post effects: 3 band parametric stereo EQ, Stereo Delay, Stereo Reverb

System Requirements

Macintosh HTDM, RTAS
A Digidesign qualified G3 or G4 Power Macintosh (G4 suggested) running Pro Tools|24 MIX;, Pro Tools|24 MIX Plus;, Pro Tools|24 Mix (with Pro Tools; software 5.1 or later), Pro Tools |HD (with Pro Tools software 5.3 or later), ProTools LE with Digi 001; or AudioMedia; III (with Pro Tools; software 5.0 or later), M-Box (with Pro Tools LE software 5.2 or later). Qualified ATA/IDE or SCSI drive, 128 MB RAM (256 MB suggested), Apple System software version 9.0 or later, Apple Mac OS X 10.2.4 or later.

Windows RTAS
A Digidesign qualified Intel Pentium III or IV (Pentium IV suggested) or AMD Athlon systems running Pro Tools|24 MIX, Pro Tools|24 MIX Plus, Pro Tools|24 Mix (with Pro Tools software 5.3.1 or later), Pro Tools|HD (with Pro Tools software 5.3.1 or later) ProTools LE with Digi 001 or 002 (with Pro Tools software 5.3.1 or later). Windows 2000 Professional SP2 is required for Pro Tools|MIX systems, Windows XP home or professional edition is required for Pro Tools|HD, Digi 001 or Digi 002 systems. Windows 98SE or ME can also be used with the Digi 001 but only using Pro Tools software 5.1.1. 128 MB Ram (256 MB suggested).

Macintosh VST
Power Macintosh G3 or G4 with MacOS 8.6 or later system software (the VST version is not Mac OS X compatible), 64 MB RAM. Screen settings: 800x600, thousands of colors, 20 MB of free hard disk space. Suggested: Power Macintosh G4 with 256 MB RAM and 1024x768 screen. An ASIO card is recommended for low latency real time play. Optimized for G4.

Windows DX, VST
Intel Pentium III or IV with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT; 4.0, 2000, XP, 64 MB RAM. Screen settings: 800x600, high colors (16 bit), 20 MB of free hard disk space. Suggested: Intel Pentium IV with 256MB RAM and 1024x768 screen. An ASIO card is recommended for low latency real time play. Optimized for Pentium III and IV.

Macintosh and Windows Sequencers and Editors
Sequencers and sound editors compatible with VST plug-ins or DX plug-ins, such as Cubase VST PC version 3.7.2 or Mac version 4.1.1, (or later), Logic; Audio PC and Mac version 4.5 (or later), Digital Performer (*using VST wrapper), Sonar 2.2 (or later), Sound Forge 5 (or later), Cool Edit Pro 2 (or later), Peak 2.0 (or later).


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