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Ibanez Airplane Flanger Pedal

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Paul Gilbert is a man with his own sound. While it is certainly rooted in years of playing with incredible bands like Mr Big with incredible amounts of hard rocking amps he also likes to go a bit crazy at times. Hence why he has done things like created a plectrum drill bit for the ultimate speed picking and this AF2 Airplane Flanger which is two pedals in one. One side is a stunning Chorus / Flanger that can be used for pretty much any style while the Airplane mode is purely insane creating feedback filled joy.

Two Pedals In One

You have two modes with this pedal. The sane but totally not subtle Taxi mode can be heard on a plethora of different Paul Gilbert tracks throughout the years. By adjusting the Manual (time), Speed, Range (Depth) and Enhance (Feedback) controls you can go from a wide swooping effect to an fast intense effect that really works well for the more crazy side of Gilbert sounds.

The other mode on this pedal called Takeoff introduces an insane amount of feedback to the pedal and introduces much deeper pitch shifting to your held notes. This effect is perfect when used to accent the end of a riff when you need something to add a bit more flavor to your track.

Here's what Ibanez say about the AF2 Airplane Flanger

The Paul Gilbert Signature AF2 AIRPLANE Flanger is two pedals in one package. One section is a traditional chorus flange (TAXI); the other is an insane (TAKEOFF) flange (hence the "AIRPLANE" moniker), which provides virtuoso guitarist Paul Gilbert's own "Crazy Flange" sound. Time to buckle up. The AF2 features Manual (delay time), Speed (modulation speed), Range (depth of modulation), and Enhance (feedback) controls.



  • TAXI Mode : Flange/Chorus Type Modulation Effect
  • MANUAL : Delay Time
  • SPEED : Modulation Speed
  • RANGE : Depth of Modulation
  • ENHANCE : Feedback
  • TAKEOFF Mode : Jet Sound (shifting pitch up and down)


  • EFFECT ON/OFF Switch




  • 180(W) x 65(H) x 134(D) (mm)


  • 860g

power source

  • Operates with a DC 9V AC Adapter
Part Number: AF2