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TC Electronic Polytune Mini Polyphonic Tuner

TC left a PolyTune in the wash and it's shrunk!

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This product is discontinued
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The TC Electronic Polytune Mini is the successor to the to extremely popular original Polytune, one of the first widely available polyphonic tuners on the market. The Polytune Mini doesn't reinvent the wheel, it just reinvents itself! The new Mini is absout the same size as Lovepedal's compact series (that's seriously small) and is going to fit on even the most cramped board

The TC Electronic Polytune Mini is almost half the size of the original but packs in the same number of LEDs into it's super bright display. Check out photo 2 to see how it compares size wise with other popular tuner pedals on the market

What's so hot about Polyphone Tuners?

Polyphonic tuners allow you to strum all 6 strings and instantly see which if any is out of tune, so you can tune quicker and get on with your set!

Please note this pedal cannot be battery powered due to its compact size

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Part Number: 966100001