How to Order a Custom Oopegg Guitar!

Always dreamt of buying your own bespoke, hand-made instrument from a top boutique guitar brand? Well, you can now make that a reality — courtesy of Oopegg and our Guitar Gallery team!

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Elliot Stent

The Trailbreaker Mark-I

With alluring retro style, highly-versatile electronics and contemporary construction tweaks — Oopegg’s Trailbreaker Mark-I is designed to transcend practically any musical genre and is perfect for the guitar player after something out of the ordinary.

Boasting a slim and lightweight Alder body that maximises playing comfort, a medium-scale neck for even string tension, high-end parts, custom-wound USA Magneto Design Lab pickups and 'Variety Control Switches' that allow for innovative tone-shaping — the Trailbreaker Mark-I really is something to behold!

Oopegg Guitars Trailbreaker Mark-I

How do I order a custom Oopegg guitar?

You can order your very own custom Oopegg Supreme Collection Trailbreaker Mark-I guitar through the Andertons Guitar Gallery team, who you can contact using this form or by calling our store number: 01483 456777

There are many different specifications that you can choose from and change, such as the finish type/colour, pickup configuration, orientation (right or left-handed), fingerboard material, tuners, and more! Speak to one of the members of our Guitar Gallery team, and they’ll go through the order form process with you.

Standard Specifications

The features listed below are fixed and cannot be changed:

  • Alder Body — Classic guitar tonewood with balanced timbral qualities.
  • 5-Ply Maple/Walnut Neck — Layered construction ensures rock-solid stability.
  • Thin Urethane Finish — Allows the timbers to breathe for improved resonance.
  • 12" Fingerboard Radius — Provides a neutral feel; not too flat or too curved.
  • Flamed Maple Natural Neck Binding — Exudes a truly exquisite, premium look.
  • Modern "D" Neck Profile — Comfortable shape caters for various playing styles.
  • Bolt-On Construction — Yields a snappy and responsive sound.
  • 24.75" Scale Length — Medium scale gives the instrument forgiving string tension.
  • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets — Modern size for a controllable feel and a thick tone.
  • Dot Inlays — White or black pearloid depending on fingerboard material.
  • Luminlay Side Dots — Glow-in-the-dark markers guide you on poorly-lit stages!
  • Halon 1060 Steel Bridge — Made in Greece to the highest of standards.
  • Nickel Hardware — Reminiscent of old-school guitars from the “Golden Era”.
  • Magneto Design Lab Pickups — Hand-wound, vintage-voiced pickups from the USA.
  • 1 Volume Knob (with Treble Bleed Circuit) — Allows you to lower the instrument level without losing top-end bite.
  • Single Tone Control — Standard knob for rolling off the top-end.
  • 3-Way Pickup Selector Switch — Lets you isolate the neck and bridge pickups or combine the two.
  • Mini 3-Way Middle Pickup Switch — Allows you to add the middle pickup to any of the main pickup positions, use it alone, or switch it off entirely.
  • Ultrasuede Handmade Strap — Made from a strong material and perfectly complements the guitar's colour.
  • Oopegg 'Business Class' Gig Case — Custom, high-quality gig bag provides great protection.

Customisable Specifications

Please Note: Some options will apply an additional charge (e.g. sparkle colours, locking tuners, left-handed orientation, Descendant vibrato, matching headstock). Our Guitar Gallery team will provide you with more details on these.

  • Orientation — Right or left handed.
  • Fingerboard — Rosewood or Maple.
  • Tuning Machines — Gotoh SD-90-HAP or Gotoh MG-T (Magnum Locking).
  • Tailpiece — Oopegg Hardtail Plate or Descendant Vibrato.
  • Phase Switches — With or without.
  • Pickup Configuration — H-S-P90 / H-S-H / FH-S-FH (H = Humbucker, S = Single-Coil, P90 = Humbucker-Sized P90, FH = Filter’Tron-Style Humbucker)
  • Colour — 24 colour options (solid, metallic or sparkle), including matching headstock.
  • Plastic Material Colour — Black or white.
  • Pickguard Material — 8 colour options.
  • Truss Rod Cover — 10 colour options.

Colour Options

Oopegg Guitars Solid Finishes
Oopegg Guitars Metallic Finishes
Oopegg Guitars Sparkle Finishes
Oopegg Guitars Pickguard Materials

Tailpiece Options

The Halon 1060 bridge comes as standard on the Trailbreaker Mark-I, but you can choose the tailpiece. The Descendant Vibrato is an extra which applies an additional fee onto your order. Our Guitar Gallery team will provide further details on this if you enquire.

Descendant Vibrato — Designed by Swope Guitars in the USA, this innovative tremolo lets you set the depth of the string plate below the plane of the body in order to get optimal downward pressure on the saddles without disturbing the string path from the bridge to the tailpiece. You can also adjust the arm tension!

Oopegg Hardtail Plate — Maintains the elegant look of a classic '60s vibrato unit; sporting a cool etched Oopegg logo!

Pickup Configuration Options

Oopegg Supreme Collection Trailbreaker Mark-I guitars feature pickups from Magneto Design Lab; hand-wound in North Carolina, USA. They are voiced to produce classic sounds blossoming with character and clarity.

H-S-H — Custom Humbucker / 2+5 SC Hot Single-Coil / Custom Humbucker.

H-S-P90 — Custom Humbucker / 2+5 SC Hot Single-Coil / Power90 P90.

FH-S-FH — Elec'Tron Humbucker / 2+5 SC Hot Single-Coil / Elec'Tron Humbucker.

Phase Switch Options

You can add these phase on/off slide switches (for bridge + middle and neck + middle pickup positions) to your order with no additional charge.

Oopegg Guitars Phase Switch Options

How long will it take to arrive?

If you order a custom Oopegg Supreme Collection Trailbreaker Mark-I guitar through Andertons, it will take about 3-4 months to arrive. This amount of time may vary depending on demand. Compared to some other boutique guitar companies, this is a very fast turnaround!

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Who are Oopegg Guitars?

Oopegg is a premier Japanese electric guitar company that has turned plenty of heads in its short history. Established in May 2019, the brand debuted at the following year’s NAMM Show to showcase its flagship Trailbreaker Mark-I model — a quirky, “Neo-Bizarre” guitar that captures the aesthetic of vintage ‘60s American and Japanese-made electrics, yet comes refined with plenty of modern appointments and ergonomic construction tweaks to suit today’s generation.

Where are Oopegg Guitars made?

Oopegg’s ‘Supreme Collection’ instruments, the models that we stock, are designed in Tokyo and hand-made at their OEM Guitar Workshop in Nagano, Japan — a sacred area synonymous with high-end guitar manufacturing.

Oopegg Guitars Workshop

Two highly-trained luthiers, Shinichi “Sunny” Kuroiwa and Shun Yanagisawa, are responsible for crafting Oopegg’s Supreme Collection instruments at the aforementioned workshop. The company’s master builder, Tatsuhiro "T2" Itasaka, is responsible for hand-making Oopegg’s show models and prototypes — but still plays an active role in the production of the Supreme Collection by selecting timbers and supervising the workshop. He also carefully inspects and sets up every single custom creation before shipping!