Free Sounds with the Novation Sound Collective!

If You Purchase And Register Any Novation Gear, You'll Get Professional-grade Software Completely Free - With New Offers Throughout The Year!

Novation make some of the most popular synths and controllers on the market. To ensure that you get the most out of your Novation gear, they’ve teamed up with software developers and plugin creators to offer you brand new sounds free of charge!

What is the Novation Sound Collective?

The Sound Collective, much like Focusrite’s Plugin Collective, offers registered Novation users access to exclusive plugins and sounds free of charge.

Throughout the year, Novation will be teaming up with some of the most innovative developers in the business to bring you pro-grade, inspiring sounds. All you need to do is register!

Current offer: Holiday Bundle

21st of November to 6th of February

Holiday Bundle

The next instalment of the Novation Sound collective provides you with a selection of excellent plug-ins from some of the leading brands in the industry. Gain access to iZotope Trash 2, KV331 Audio SynthMaster Player, D16 Group Nithonat, Puremagnetik Lo-Fi Ambient Tools and Tracktion Software Biotek - all free of charge!

Previous Offers

03/10 - 05/12: Puremagnetiks Lo-Fi Ambient Tools 2

The Puremagnetik Lo-Fi Ambient Tools plug-in suite combines a set of powerful, intuitive tools designed especially for electronic producers and sound designers. It brings together a synthesizer and two versatile effects - providing you with a bunch of rewarding software that will help to enhance your productions. 

The Verv synth was created to emulate the sun baked, tape-recorded vintage string machines; Fathoms works as a self-contained ambience/drone generating effect that is based on feedback delay, pitch shifting and physically modelled reverb; Pastfabric pairs together granular and tape splicing-style audio deconstruction. Worth $50, download the pack now absolutely free as part of the Novation Sound Collective!

Key features


  • Simple to use two-oscillator string synth 
  • Sound thickening Ensemble Effect
  • Unique Bake Effect (simulating sun-damaged tape)


  • Buffers up to ten seconds of input 
  • Variable grain triggering, duration and length
  • Fabric control (designed for 'analogue aging') 


  • High & Low-Frequency shaping & filtering 
  • Physically modelled spatialisation 
  • Feedback delay matrix with amplitude modulation 
  • Modulated pitchshifting up to one octave up or down 

08/08 - 03/10: iZotope Trash 2

iZotope Trash 2 is one of the most powerful distortion plugins ever made. Trash 2's dual-stage multiband architecture enables two different styles of distortion and saturation to be applied to up to four frequency ranges, with high and low-shelving filters after each one. Over 60 distortion algorithms are onboard, but if none of them fit your particular signal-mangling bill, you can easily design your own using the graphic waveshaper. Trash 2 also features two six-band filters with 23 filter types, plus per-band LFO and envelope modulation; a convolution processor; multiband compression and gating; and a delay module.

Key features

  • Trash: Over 60 distortion algorithms with up to 4 frequency bands
  • Filter: 2-Stage filter with over 20 selectable filter types
  • Convolve: Realistic Amp, device, cabinet, effect and speaker convolution modelling 
  • Multiband Dynamics: Squash peaks, add grit and character, silence noise, or draw out sustain 
  • Delay: 6 different delay types from lo-fi to tape/tube

06/06 - 08/08: UJAM Beatmaker Eden

Beatmaker EDEN is a one-stop shop for the creation of punchy, floor-filling electronic drum tracks. With five drum kits onboard, 25 MIDI-triggered styles of 24 song parts each, a powerful under-the-hood mixing console, 16 MIDI-triggered one-shot instruments perkit, mod wheel-controlled ‘drummer’ intensity, filter and reverb effects, sidechain pumping and much more, it gives beginners and experienced producers alike everything they need to build instantly effective dance music beats.

Key features

  • Create instant host-synchronised beats from your Launchpad or MIDI keyboard
  • 5 mix-ready drum kits
  • 5 Styles, each comprising 24 song parts (Intro, Verse, Chorus, Fill, etc)
  • Trigger patterns and one-shot drum sounds
  • Double or halve the tempo at a click, and dial in swing
  • 6 mixer presets with variable application amount
  • Tweak Volume, Decay and Pitch for every instrument
  • Mod wheel intensity control
  • Kick Pump slider for sidechain compression-style pumping
  • Filter and reverb effects
  • Kick/snare fade control tied to keyboard pitch wheel
  • Compatible with VST/AU/AAX plugin hosts

04/04 - 06/06: D16 Nithonat Drum Machine

Nithonat is a flawless and fully synthesised (as opposed to sample-based) software emulation of one of the grooviest drum machines ever built: the Roland TR-606. Launched in 1981 and a staple of original electro and hip-hop, the 606 was a smaller sibling of the legendary TR-808, beloved for its sound rather than its flexibility, as it only enabled adjustment of the volume of each sound.

Key Features

  • Totally synthesized drum machine based on the classic Roland TR-606
  • 8 outputs and individual instrument solo/muting for detailed mixing
  • 606-style step sequencer with 8 banks of up to 12 16-step patterns each
  • Built-in randomizer for instant rhythmic inspiration

31/01 – 04/04: Traktion Biotek

BioTek is a powerful, innovative virtual instrument that combines synthesis and sample playback across four morphable layers, within an intuitive single-screen interface. Get straight to the point with preset-specific macros, or go deep in the full-on Edit mode – BioTek’s empowering workflow lets the adventurous sound designer find their own path.

Key Features

  • Spinal Saw Oscillator – up to 11 detuned sawtooth waves per oscillator for dense, alien tones
  • Granular Oscillator – weave detailed textures and sprawling patterns using grains from your chosen samples
  • Wild Macro Control – tweak and warp your sound with the intuitive Wild macro interface, even with thousands of parameters at your disposal
  • Effects galore – 9 effects can be loaded into 4 effect slots per voice for near-infinite sonic flexibility
  • Presets by ground-breaking producer Richard Devine

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