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The Finnish bass pioneers are back with a vengeance with some gear that's destined to shake up the bass market in seismic fashion!

The Darkglass Ethos

Darkglass Electronics have a reputation for making bass equipment with heaps of attitude. Used by the likes of Periphery, Karnivool, Mastodon and countless other heavyweights, they?ve managed to strike the perfect balance between resonance, punchiness and valve warmth.

In 2016, they released their first bass head, the Microtubes 900. Now, they?ve branched out further with more earth-shattering amplification. Let?s take a closer look at the details?

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Microtubes 500 Bass Head

The Microtubes 500 Bass Head is the follow-up to Darkglass? amazing 900 head. Similar in design, the 500 boasts the same tones, versatility and build quality of its older brother but in a more compact, portable enclosure. Not to mention ? it?s more affordable!

Microtubes Integration

The 500 has the circuitry of Darkglass? renowned B3K and Vintage Microtubes pedals integrated within its design. This gives you an unbelievable amount of tonal flexibility, offering a pure clean tone with plenty of headroom, or a crunchy classic rock style bass sound with the VMT (Vintage Microtubes) circuit engaged.

However, if you know Darkglass, then you?ll be aware of the unbridled filth delivered by the B3K pedal! Offering incredibly powerful high-gain overdrive, this circuit keeps your sound tight and focused, perfect for metal.

Powerful EQ

The Microtubes 500 also features a similar control set to its predecessor. With a 4-band EQ for each of the amps 2 channels, this amp provides you with great control over your tone. A lot of people don?t realize how essential the mid-range is for a bass guitar, as it affects how much your bass sound cuts through a mix.

On the Microtubes 500 you have conventional Bass and Treble controls, letting you boost or cut the low-end and top-end frequencies respectively. But you also have Low-Mid and High-Mid knobs for each channel, to really colour the mid-range with the ability to narrow down certain frequencies in that range. These will ensure that your tone is punchy with plenty of cut!

The Cabinets

To ensure that the tones from their bass heads are emitted with perfect execution, Darkglass have released 2 custom-spec cabinets designed to push some serious air!

The DG-210C

The DG-210C is the perfect match for the Microtubes 900 & 500 Amp Heads. With custom-made 10? Eminence drivers, your bass sound will be focused, punchy and just plain loud!

The proprietary crossover circuit is designed to add another dimension to your distorted tones. Essentially enhancing the extra harmonics produced by distortion, this gives you a richer sound to get the most out of the B3K and VMT circuits within the 900 and 500 heads.

The DG-410C

This powerful cab can push some serious air with its four custom-made 10? Eminence ceramic speakers, ensuring that your bass sound is even more hard-hitting. The same proprietary crossover circuit gives you all of the resonant clarity you?ll ever need ? this is the ultimate no-nonsense bass cabinet for rock and metal players.

The Pedals

The B3K and B7K bass overdrive/preamp pedals changed the game for hard rock and metal bass players. These super-tweakable units have allowed bassists to attain ultra-focused dirt sounds, providing the filthiest tones for heavier styles.

And now, Darkglass has released updated versions of these modern classics! With even more tone-shaping options, these new pedals take a winning formula one step further, to allow you to sculpt the pin-point perfect tone.

Microtubes B3K V2 Bass Overdrive

Retaining all of the killer features that gave the B3K its through-the-roof ratings, Darkglass have added brand new features to let you harness the beast to suit your darkest desires!

A Tone knob replaces the attack switch, letting you adjust the high-end harmonic content for all the presence and cut you'll ever need. Essentially serving the same function as the attack switch, this knob gives you even greater range and control over the attack and treble.

Another new addition is the Mid Boost switch, which adds an alternative to the typical mid frequency response of the B3K. Pushing this button will result in a slightly flatter, smoother and more transparent character.

Microtubes B7K V2 Analog Bass Preamp

Much like the B3K, the B7K largely remains the same in terms of features and tones, but has some extra refinements to give you even more tonal possibilities.

The versatile Low-Mid control now has a dedicated switch that shifts its corner frequency by one octave. So in addition to the standard 1kHz, users can now get 12dB of cut/boost at 500Hz.

A switch for the High-Mid knob has also been added for a similar purpose, but affects a different frequency band. With this, you can get 12dB of cut/boost at 1.5kHz thanks to this switch.

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