Huge savings on Native Instruments Komplete 12 Upgrades & Bundles!

You can save 50% on Native Instruments Komplete 12 Upgrade packages, with hundreds of pounds off Maschine and Kontrol hardware bundles too! Offer ends June 30th 2019.

Native Instruments ‘Summer of Sound’ Deals!

As the most joyous season of the year, summer is a time to appreciate glorious heat and stunning weather. But in Native Instruments’ case, it’s the perfect occasion to celebrate creativity! Every year the German company treats its customers to huge price drops across its ranges, and no exceptions have been made for 2019.

They’ve slashed the prices on all of their Komplete 12 software upgrades - literally in half! This not only applies to their standard Komplete 12 upgrade and update packages, but also their Ultimate and Collector’s Edition software upgrades too. Save 50% while you have the chance!

It doesn’t end there either. That’s because Native Instruments’ hardware and Komplete 12 upgrade bundles are also reduced, letting you save up to £608! This includes their Maschine Jam and Mk3 bundles, as well as the Kontrol S49, S61 and S88 Mk2 controller packages too. So not only can you make your setup more tactile and intuitive with physical hardware, but you can also upgrade to Komplete 12 Standard, Ultimate or Collector's Edition software for far less than normal!

* Offer ends June 30th 2019.

What is Komplete 12?

Komplete 12 is the ultimate music production suite for artists and sound designers, boasting a diverse range of software instruments and effects that can cover almost any musical requirement. From synths to niche world instruments, Komplete 12 is a powerful and comprehensive piece of software that won’t put any limitations on your creative process; it will only inspire you to make even more music! Komplete 12 is perfect for bolstering any DAW's virtual instrument library.

What does Native Instruments' Hardware do?

Having an all-encompassing library of virtual instruments and effects is fantastic when it comes to versatility, but getting your ideas down can be tricky without owning any physical hardware. This is where Native Instruments’ Komplete Kontrol and Maschine controllers come into play.

With their Kontrol keyboard controllers, you can effortlessly sequence directly into your DAW’s piano roll; through any virtual instrument you like! Perform expressively with their semi-weighted keys, or embellish your playing via their ergonomic pitch and modulation wheels. You can even navigate between sounds and tweak parameters on-the-fly, thanks to their built-in hi-res screens.

The Maschine Jam is something that DJs and performers will feel particularly at home with. With a more hands-on design, the Maschine Jam features multiple buttons for making quick edits and changes; improving your workflow, boosting your speed and increasing your focus. The Machine Mk3 offers even greater flexibility, with its built-in screen giving you even more confidence when making changes to a project.

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