New Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol MK2 Keyboards and Maschine MK3!

Native Instruments have unveiled the next generation of their incredible Komplete Kontrol keyboards and the incredibly popular Maschine Production Hardware!

The Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S keyboards were originally released in 2015. As feature-packed controllers, they paired up with NI?s Komplete software package. Proving hugely popular with their intuitive, detailed interface, their fluid integration with the Komplete sample libraries were praised industry-wide

When the Komplete Kontrol S series was first unveiled, it changed the game for Native Instruments users. The Komplete software package was already a staple for producers, composers and studio musicians worldwide. And the ability to harness its capability with a keyboard controller was a huge prospect.

You’ll be pleased to hear that most of the features that made the Kontrol Mk1 so popular are making a second appearance. This includes pre-mapped controls that seamlessly link up with Komplete software. Also boasting semi-weighted backlit Fatar keys with intuitive guide features to give you a a familiar and inpiring feel, they also come with Komplete 11 Select software.

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New Features

The new features are designed to take the playability and functionality to the next level. Touch strips for pitch/modulation have been replaced by more traditional wheels, but with NI’s renowned ergonomic edge to offer great . They’ve then added a touch strip below, so you’re still able to get hands-on for truly human articulation.

One of the biggest aesthetic changes is the addition of a stunning high-resolution display. Compared to the original Clear View display, this is on another level. Designed to make your browsing, recording and playing experience easier and more accessible, you’ll see every aspect of your performance in glorious real-time colour and definition.

The Maschine range debuted in 2009. As a drum machine and sample pad with accompanying software, Maschine quickly became an industry standard. The Maschine set the precedent for NI?s reputation for amazing software integration and unparalleled design.

Introduced several years prior to the Kontrol S Series, the Maschine simultaneously raised the bar for sample pads and DAW integration. It quickly became something of a household name amongst producers, and was used by the likes of Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams and The Chemical Brothers.

Building on this tried-and-tested formula, Native Instruments have made several adjustments that’ll make your experience with Maschine easier. Not to mention more enjoyable and more productive than ever before!

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New Features:

First up, the buttons are all bigger. Yep, it sounds simple, but if you’re on a dimly lit stage or vibing out in the studio, the last thing you want is to be hitting the wrong thing! The controls are now more ergonomic and easier to access. The 16 touch-sensitive touch pads are the same, perfect for fluid beat making.

As with the Kontrol S Mk2, you’ve now got a beautiful high-resolution display so you can keep an eye on your performance in real-time. Showing your patches and sound bank options in stunning detail, it’ll only add to your workflow!

Again taking a leaf out of the Kontrol’s book, you now have a neat touch sensitive smart strip. This can be used for numerous functions, such as pitch bend, expression, or even strumming chords! These features really elevate the Maschine to new heights, taking it beyond the realm of a drum machine. This is a music production workhorse, an absolute must in the studio!

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