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The NAMM Show is the definitive platform for music, sound and technology communities where over 7,000 brands show off their newest and most-cutting edge products.

We’ve got some of the best coverage of the Winter NAMM show in the world with multiple video teams and journalists on the ground keeping us up to speed. So keep your eyes on this page for the latest and greatest news from NAMM 2019.

The 2019 Winter NAMM Show: 24th - 27th January 2019

The 2019 Summer NAMM Show: 18th - 20th July 2019

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Hot off the press at NAMM

We have the largest UK team on the ground in California, with exclusive video content and all the latest releases from NAMM 2019! Whether it's synths, microphones, software or something that completely breaks the mould - we've got it covered. Watch this page for all the latest releases from the top brands!

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Top News

Sennheiser at NAMM

Sennheiser are synonymous with quality, and they've used all of their German engineering prowess to develop the new XS Series digital wireless systems. Described as their entry-level wireless units, these compact devices are aimed at both musicians and presenters looking to go cable-free. Check out the XSW-D Vocal Set and XSW-D Mini Jack Receiver!

Moog at NAMM

Moog have unveiled a limited edition desktop synth based on their popular Taurus Minitaur design. But this is no mere bass synth; the Sirin's dual oscillators offer a higher register of tone, perfect for silky melodies and rhythmic sequences. As with every Moog, it looks the part.

Behringer at NAMM

Behringer seem to tease new releases all year round, with the last few years being particularly hyped up. This year, they officially released their MS-101-RD Synth alongside the VC340 Vocoder. They've also unveiled newer working prototypes of their Pro-1 Dave Smith Clone, RD-808 Rhythm Designer and The Odyssey.

Just when we thought they couldn't possibly announce any more, they went and dropped the Crave. A semi-modular analog monosynth, the Crave sounds like a cross between a Neutron and a DSI Prophet, but it looks set to retail at around the £200 mark - they've done it again.

Steinberg at NAMM

Steinberg have announced the pro-quality AXR4T Thunderbolt audio interface, housing Rupert Neve hybrid mic preamps for world-class sound. Steinberg also released the expansive Absolute 4 VST instrument collection. Combined, you’re rocking some series studio firepower!

PreSonus at NAMM

PreSonus has revamped its flagship Studio audio interface line - with all devices now boasting USB-C connectivity. These powerful interfaces are able to meet the demands of even the most fastidious of producers, with world-class preamps, 24-bit resolution and 192kHz sampling rates. Check all of them out by clicking here!

Waldorf at NAMM

Synth titans Waldorf unveiled the Quantum at last year's show to huge acclaim. Now, as if it didn't pack enough of a punch already, they've updated it with a 5th synth engine - the Kernel Synthesis engine. With the equivalent of 6 oscillators, it ranges from pure waveforms to wavetable carnage. In addition, they've unveiled a working version of their FPGA-powered Kyra, designed in collaboration with Exodus Digital. 1280 oscillators - I mean, come on.


JBL has joined the affordable studio monitor game with its new 104 Reference speakers. These are perfect for all musicians, producers and content creators looking to hear their audio in great detail when mixing and editing.

Native Instruments at NAMM

Native Instruments has ingeniously designed 2 incredibly compact and affordable USB interfaces - the Komplete Audio 1 and Audio 2. It doesn't end there either, as NI has also released the Komplete Kontrol M32, the ultimate inexpensive controller for your DAW!

Arturia at NAMM

French innovators Arturia have produced a mind-bending hybrid synth toolkit - the MicroFreak Paraphonic Hybrid Wavetable Synth. Combining digital oscillators with wavetable synthesis, analog filters and a flat aftertouch keybed, it offers a sound and playing experience like no other. Prepare to lose control…

Arturia didn't simply leave it at just that, as they also released 2 interfaces to join their AudioFuse lineup! Built to rival some of the established high-end audio interfaces out there, the AudioFuse 8Pre and Audiofuse Studio feature world-class preamps that ensure incredible audio fidelity, letting you focus on your creative workflow without any concerns over sound quality.

Elektron at NAMM

Elektron continues to innovate within the world of music tech, and their brand new Model:Samples 6-track drum machine and sampler is a compact digital groovebox with user-friendly controls - perfect for musicians and producers on the move!

Nord at NAMM

A curve-ball from Nord this year; they've unveiled their own piano monitors! Carefully voiced to perfectly suit Nord's piano and keyboard sounds, they provide room-filling nearfield sound that's perfect for studio, rehearsal, composition...the works.

Kali Audio at NAMM

Kali Audio are the new kids on the block, but with designers from a number of the world's top studio monitor brands onboard (it's a secret!), they look set for big things. At the 2019 NAMM Show, they announced the new IN-8 studio monitor and WS12 subwoofer. The IN-8 features an 8" speaker and a coincident mid-range that reduces interference, while the WS-12 boasts 1000W of power and a bellowing 12" speaker. They have to be heard to be believed! Check out the full range of Kali Audio's ultra-affordable pro-grade studio monitors here.

Apogee at NAMM

We’re hyped for the Apogee HypeMiC, a multi-use USB microphone with true analog compression. This means studio-quality sound out of a device you could squeeze onto your desk if you’re a Youtuber or streamer, or lined up next to your acoustic instruments. They’ve even thrown in a sleek pop filter, tripod and carry case too!

Teenage Engineering at NAMM

The crafty Swedes have unveiled a brand new range of modular synth gear. An expansion of their trailblazing Pocket Operator line-up, the three new systems come in the form of kits that can be easily assembled. Teenage Engineering have dubbed it 'the poor man's modular' - compatible with other synths, super compact and starting at around the £130 mark. More info soon, but we reckon they're onto a winner with this!

Akai at NAMM

Akai Professional has announced its new music production/DJ performance system, the Force! This standalone system features an 8x8 clip launch matrix, a 7" multitouch display, MIDI and CV/Gate connectivity, MPC sample editing and more.

IK Multimedia at NAMM

IK Multimedia has unveiled the Axe I/O, an audio interface designed solely for tone-wary guitarists! With a built-in tuner, amplifier out, active & passive inputs, and over £1,000 worth of software thrown in (including Amplitube 4) - what's not to love?!

IK's NAMM releases don't end there though, as they've moved into the studio monitor game with their iLoud - a speaker that you can easily tilt, tweak and position to perfection! Finally, the iRig Micro Amp is a 15W battery-powered guitar amp with a built-in iOS & USB interface. It's designed to play nice with all major DAWs, and works particularly well when partnered with IK's AmpliTube app! 

Korg at NAMM

Korg has unveiled new additions to a number of its ranges for NAMM 2019. The Minilogue XD expands the functionality of their hugely popular 'Logue range, with new levels of analog and digital integration, a supercharged sequencer and much more. They've also unveiled two new Volca models: Volca Drum and Volca Modular, both of which do exactly what they say on the tin!

sE Electronics at NAMM

sE Electronics have unveiled their V Series Drum Mics, tipped to be the most versatile drum mics in the world. Check out the V Kick, V Beat and V Clamp!

Audient at NAMM

Audient have teamed up with tone wizards Two Notes Audio Engineering to bring you the Sono - an audio interface with a 12AX7 valve preamp, 3-band tone control and studio-class cab simulation! Take a peek at the Sono by clicking here.

Modal Electronics at NAMM

Modal Electronics are responsible for some of the most mind-bending synths on the market. In keeping with this reputation, they’ve introduced the Skulpt and the CRAFTsynth 2.0; a 32-oscillator 4-voice synth and a portable wavetable desktop synth respectively. Don't be fooled by their compact sizes - these things totally pack a punch! Check out the entire Modal Electronics range here.

Aston Microphones at NAMM

Aston Microphones will start 2019 strong with its new Stealth cardioid studio & live mic. Dubbed the most versatile mic in the world, this innovative piece of gear has 4 switchable voices that are suitable for different recording applications. It's pretty cool! Click here for full details on the Stealth.


KRK make everyone's favourite black and yellow studio monitors. For NAMM 2019, they've given the Rokit range a revamp with new class-D amps, kevlar speakers, graphic EQs, on-board DSP and even a handy mobile app for room correction. Check out the RP5, RP7 and RP8!

Neumann at NAMM

World-class German microphone manufacturer Neumann have entered the world of studio headphones. The NDH-20s are closed back headphones with a sleek aluminium casing. Boasting flat frequency response, high definition audio and class-leading stereo imaging, they look set to become a major player in the professional arena.

IsoAcoustics at NAMM

They may not look exciting, but IsoAcoustic's Stage 1 Isolators can make a serious difference to the sound and feel of your guitar or bass amp. Coming in a set of 4, these puck-shaped isolators are placed beneath an amplifier to raise it slightly, which not only improves clarity, but reduces vibrations through the floor. These are perfect for the stage or the home, and are sure to delight attentive neighbours!

Antelope Audio at NAMM

Antelope Audio have teased a fresh microphone concept as part of their modelling microphone range. Combining their comprehensive modelling technology with a built-in audio interface, the idea here is to give you a fluid end-to-end recording toolkit. Just plug into your computer and you're away! More info coming soon.

Warm Audio at NAMM

Warm Audio has unveiled the WA-84, an accurate recreation of a legendary mic from the '70s. Perfect for recording acoustic guitars and serving as drum overheads, this mic has studio-grade sound at an affordable price-point. The WA-2501 is another take on an iconic mic, but one from the '60s. With a smooth and creamy mid-range, this mic features a 10k boost to really sweeten the highs. We're very excited about these!

Zoom at NAMM

Zoom are class-leaders in experimental microphone technology, and their new H3VR is definitely proof of that. A 360-degree ambisonic mic and audio recorder, the H3VR can encode what it captures into various ambisonic formats, letting you pair it easily with 360-degree cameras or other virtual reality content. With a built-in gyroscope to detect what orientation it's placed in, this can accurately encode with minimal fuss. It's a true work-of-art!

GameChanger Audio at NAMM

Last year, GameChanger Audio blew us all away with the xenon-tube-powered monstrosity that was the Plasma Pedal. Now they've take the concept not one, but two steps further: introducing the Plasma Rack and the Plasma Eurorack, designed in collaboration with Erica Synths. The former is a rack form of the powerful fuzz/distortion, while the latter fits neatly into any Eurorack modular setup - perfect for all of your warped synth needs!

Focal at NAMM

Our favourite French audio pioneers, Focal, have released their new Trio 11 loudspeaker. As part of the SM6 line, the Trio 11 features a long tweeter with a new mid-range driver that reduces distortion and creates a more focused linear response. The 10" subwoofer speaker is also highly-powerful, and with a peak of 118dB, the Trio 11 still retains a clear and pure sound even when maxed out!

Sontronics at NAMM

British mic company Sontronics unveiled the Nano, a derivative of their best-selling STC-1 mic. Separating the capsule head from the preamp body, this discrete little microphone is perfect for installations. Included in the standard package are interchangeable cardioid and omnidirectional capsules and a high-quality, 5-metre Mogami cable.

Icon at NAMM

Icon have unveiled two excellent additions to their Platform range. The Platform Nano is a compact DAW controller with a surprisingly versatile set of controls, while the Platform U22 is a compact audio interface that doubles up as a plugin platform, saving you that little bit more computer processing power.

Dubreq at NAMM

The Stylophone we know and love is great fun, but it seems that manufacturers Dubreq weren't satisfied. Introducing the Gen R-8, an all-analog synthesizer with patch connections, sequencer, two oscillators - and of course, that touch sensitive keyboard.

Tascam at NAMM

Tascam have announced a selection of new handheld recording devices as part of the DR-X range. These new units feature improved interfaces with backlit screens, multi-language menus, 2 in/2 out USB recording and much more.

Tascam also had their Model 24 Mixer on show. Able to be used in 3 different contexts (live, as an audio interface or as a multi-track digital recorder), this powerful unit boasts 22 inputs, 16 low-noise mic preamps, single-knob compression, 16 built-in effects and bluetooth connectivity for music streaming.

Dynaudio at NAMM

For NAMM 2019, Dynaudio unveiled two new studio monitors: the Core 7 and core 59. Designed and built in Denmark to the highest specifications, these monitors feature class-leading technology like Esotar Pro tweeters, 192kHz DSPs and Pascal class-D amplification. Built for professionals.

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