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The NAMM Show is the definitive platform for music, sound and technology communities where over 7,000 brands show off their newest and most-cutting edge products.

We’ve got some of the best coverage of the Winter NAMM show in the world with multiple video teams and journalists on the ground keeping us up to speed. So keep your eyes on this page for the latest and greatest news from NAMM 2019.

The 2019 Winter NAMM Show: 24th - 27th January 2019

The 2019 Summer NAMM Show: 18th - 20th July 2019

NAMM 2019 Andertons
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Hottest NAMM 2019 Drum Releases

Hot off the press at NAMM 2019

We have the largest UK team on the ground in California, with exclusive video content and all the latest releases from NAMM 2019! Whether it's acoustic kits, cymbals, electronic kits or something that completely breaks the mould - we've got it covered. Watch this page for all the latest releases from the top brands!

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Top News

Pearl at NAMM

Pearl went all-out at this year’s show, with the likes of a new Masters Maple/Gum series of drums kitted out using the Sonic Select shell recipe released in 2017. These have a huge amount of low-end and midrange power. Also added to the line-up are limited edition Modern Utility Snare drums, ICON rack system clamps and accessories, and new finishes for the Oak Elite Series.

Paiste at NAMM

Cymbal giants Paiste have added new Fast crash, Mellow crash and Full and Mellow rides to the Signatures range – some brand new, others replacing older models produced over the past 30 years. They also announced the 2002 Extreme Crash, a line designed to cut through a mix in explosive fashion.

Sonor at NAMM

The ProLite series finally gets an update. As one of the most successful line, they haven’t been touched since 2012. They’re getting three new glossy finishes, as well as contemporary sizes on the bass drums and improved Maple shell construction.

2 Box at NAMM

We got to see the new DrumIt Five Mark II module in action this NAMM. It has a brand new card slot that can support up to 64g memory, as well as increased control over the operating system, six outputs and compatibility with all major v-drums.


ATV have launched the all-new Pro series of drums. These feature a glossy natural finish and larger sizes for a deeper sound. They also brought out a new SFX cymbal and some multiband EQs. Quite the year lined up in 2019.

Drum Workshop at NAMM

Despite its launch 40 years ago, the Drum Workshop 5000 Series pedal is getting an update. Tried and tested by amateurs and pros alike, the 5000 Series offers familiar feel, but is packed with modern features like a lightweight aluminium bass plate, rubber surface and tri-pivot toe clamp. Available in single and double models.

There’s also a new wood option on offer for the Collector series of drums. The Pure Almond wood is a hardwood that provides a snappy and bright tone, similar to the Pure Oak and Pure Purpleheart.

British Drum Company at NAMM

Introducing the Aviator aluminium snare, the British Drum Company are all about style. This drum simply looks great, and sounds dry and controlled with a wide dynamic range. The Archer is another snare addition in a natural finish. It delivers a fast attack and deep, warm tone.

Gretsch at NAMM

The USA-made Brooklyn kit was a huge hit when introduced back in 2012. Now we have the Brooklyn Micro – same awesome vintage tone with a much smaller footprint, great for rehearsal or enclosed venues. There’s only one configuration at the moment but you can expect expansion in the future.

Tama at NAMM

Tama had plenty on display at this year's show. New Birch/Walnut shell packs, new Superstar shell sizes and finishes for portable gigging setups, an insanely tiny Club Jam Mini kit for busking...the list goes on. Among their most exciting products on show was their long-awaited new direct drive pedal, and some wicked affordable metalwork snares that are loud as hell and finished in matte black - can't wait to get our hands on this lot. Check out our Tama NAMM video here.

Evans at NAMM

You can’t always get away with playing drums at home. Evans have a solution in the form of he SoundOff drumheads. These black mesh drumheads dramatically reduce the volume of your playing and combine well with triggers for an electronic setup.

Yamaha at NAMM

Having catered to beginners last year with the Rydeen series, Yamaha are back making kits for experienced hands. The Live Custom Hybrid Oak series is made for the stage. It’s constructed using the same 7-ply hybrid shell made the PHX series, as well as receiving refinements to the bass drum for more punch.

Zildjian at NAMM

Drum gurus Zildjian have re-launched the super cool FX Stacks series. Coming in AT 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, and 16” pairs, they can be stacked traditionally or used as hi-hats to deliver a relaxed, yet modern sound.

Venturing into new territory, Zildjian also introduced pro quality in-ear monitors. These are kitted out to the extreme, with premium soft silicone SpinFit ear tips for comfort and a Dual Dynamic Driver so the frequency response is smooth in any application.

Sunhouse at NAMM

Coming soon to Andertons Drum Department, Sunhouse are out to change the way you think of your drums. Utilising unique triggering technology, Sunhouse's kit allows you to use your drum kit as a controller - triggering samples and sequences, controlling MIDI, tweaking effects and much more. The sensors detect the velocity and placement of your hits, triggering different functions depending on your playing. Your drums become your controller! Check out our NAMM Sunhouse video here.

Meinl at NAMM

Meinl made sweeping additions across the board, from new sticks to Classic Customs Dark updates. However- there are two that stand out: the Byzance Foundry Reserve - a range of premium, classically-made cymbals focussing on dry attack with a lush wash. The other is the Pickup Vertical Subwoofer cajon with, as you guessed it, a piezo pickup system to deliver some meaty bass.

Sabian at NAMM

You can’t miss Sabian at NAMM 2019. As well as a funky new logo, they’ve performed major streamlining to the product line-up. They revamped and simplified the AAX range, featuring new hammering techniques to give them a richer sound.

Roland at NAMM

Roland's has expanded its TM series with the brand new TM-1 Drum Trigger Module. The simple solution to bring hybrid power to your acoustic kit, this ergonomic device is placed inside a guitar pedal-like enclosure, with dual footswitches making on-the-fly sample changes easier than ever before!

sE Electronics at NAMM

sE Electronics have unveiled their V Series Drum Mics, tipped to be the most versatile drum mics in the world. Check out the V Kick, V Beat and V Clamp!

Alesis at NAMM

Alesis has announced its highly-affordable Turbo Mesh kit, perfect for beginners with it's simple and portable setup. Featuring authentic-feeling mesh heads, you can expect an acoustic-like response! Check out Alesis' Turbo Mesh by clicking here.

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