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The NAMM Show is the definitive platform for music, sound and event technology communities where over 7,000 brands show off their newest and most-cutting edge products.

We’ve got some of the best coverage of the NAMM show in the world with multiple video teams and journalists on the ground keeping us up to speed. So keep your eyes on this page for the latest and greatest news from NAMM 2018.

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We have the largest UK team on the ground in California, with exclusive video content and all the latest releases from NAMM 2018! Whether it's guitars, amplifiers, pedals or something that completely breaks the mould - we've got it covered. Watch this page for all the latest releases from the top brands!

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Top News

Chapman have vastly expanded their range this year with new finishes, left handed guitars, basses, seven strings and even a fanned-fret bass! But the real headline story is their brand new British Standard Series; boutique guitars handmade to order in the UK! Read about them here.

Orange has hit NAMM hard with a new Brent Hinds signature head, The Rocker 15 Terror, The Crush Mini and a vertical 2 x 12 cab. Check out Orange's NAMM 2018 releases here.

It just wouldn't be NAMM without Marshall! say hello to the MG Black and Gold series! Offering the crucial aspects that put the MG amps on the map, but with a tweaked modern sound and THAT alluring brushed gold finish. View the updated Marshall range here.

Music Man have announced some huge updates to their ever-growing line-up including new finishes and some brand new guitar and bass models that'll have you falling head over heels. View all of Music Man's NAMM 2018 release here.

BOSS have gone to town this year with two new Katana models; The Air and The Artist, The all new GT-1000 (a flagship guitar effects processor) and the RC-1 Looper! The Katana amps range.

Fender has launched a stunning new line of Teles, Strats, Jazzmasters, P & Jazz basses. And now the all new Hot Road IV amps as well! Read all the Fender NAMM 2018 releases here.

Victory has released a Kraken pair of amps! The updated V30 MKII and the Super Kraken - a turbo charged 100w monster! Read about all the Victory NAMM 2018 releases here.

Jackson has unveiled new Artist, Pro, X and JS Series. Including the expanded Misha Mansoor line, Mick Thomson Signature production models, 80s-inspired SL4X Soloists and stunning new Monarkh models! Check out the Jackson 2018 range.

Gretsch has launched snazzy new finishes for the Electromatic range, alluring additions to their Pro Singlecut series, and a selection of stunning Limited Edition 135th Anniversary models. Take a gander at Gretsch's NAMM 2018 releases here.

The Charvel 2018 lineup indicates that they're not intending to stop, with many new and updated instruments, including the brand new DK24 Dinky offerings and extravagant Satchel signature model! View Charvel's 2018 releases here.

For 2018 EVH have expanded their killer range with the new 5150 III 50W 6L6 amplifiers, as well as new Wolfgang Specials and Standards to boot! See the entire EVH lineup at Andertons Music Co.

Blackstar has announced one of the biggest curve-balls we've seen so far at NAMM 2018 - a bass amp series called 'Unity'. Check out the Unity range.

Squier has announced a new range has a few new models; the Contemporary Stratocaster with hot ceramic, passive pickups. Get lost in the Squier range now!

Bare Knuckle has launched a plethora of new pickups - whether you're after humbuckers, 7-string sets, P90s, Strat or Tele style sets - Bare Knuckle have got you covered! The entire Bare Knuckle range.

Taylor has released 4 new high end models featuring an all-new 'V-bracing' which they claim improves intonation and provides more consistent harmonics and pitch across the neck. View Taylor's 2018 lineup.

Vox have added 3 new amps to their incredibly popular MV line including a new High Gain MV50, A ‘Boutique’ MV50 and a stunning 150w head (MVX150) or combo featuring the Korg Nutube technology. The Vox 2018 collection.

Martin Guitars have made their biggest announcement in 185 years. They’ve made some major updates to their incredibly famous Standard Series with some updates that weren’t necessarily needed but will definitely be loved and welcomed with open arms. Martin's 2018 range now at Andertons Music Co.

Tech 21 has launched a 1 x 12 combo; VTBass-200 with an inbuilt SansAmp preamp and the dUg Pinnick pedal - which brings his 'sound' into one powerful unit! Find out more about the latest from Tech 21 here.

Epiphone seem set to continue riding a wave of popularity, aiming to further cement their place as a key player in the guitar world. Epiphone are proud to present the latest in their ever-more-colourful signature range: The stunning Slash Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO in Anaconda Burst! Find out more about the latest from Epiphone at NAMM 2018 here.

Ibanez have gone and blown us all away with their impressive new range of guitars, basses and acoustics for 2018 as they always do! There are some stunningly flashy tops, wizard thin necks, high output humbuckers and everything in between including Jazz Box models and more fanned frets than you can wave a stick at! Read all about Ibanez's NAMM 2018 releases here.

PRS have launched a new range of SE Acoustic guitars, a new S2 Studio with an updated pickup configuration and the DWCE24 ‘Floyd’ - Dustie Waring Signature. And now The MT15 Mark Tremonti Head! The vast PRS catalogue at Andertons Music Co.

The Line 6 HX Effects brings the power of the Helix to your pedalboard with over 100+ Helix effects all put into one small package. Find out more about the Line 6 NAMM 2018 line-up here.

Wampler have announced 3 new pedals; The Reflection Reverb, The Equator Advanced Guitar EQ and The Faux Spring Reverb Mini. Take a gander at Wampler's full lineup.

Bass titans Gallien Krueger have unveiled an update to their Fusion Amp Range; Pairing valve preamp technology with high current power amps makes for a punchy, transparent tone with excellent transients and an emphasis on 'feel'. For the new series, they've lined up three versions: 500w, 800w and 1200w, covering every player's needs. Click here to find out more about Gallien Krueger latest releases.

Keeley have released the new Era Acoustic Amp for NAMM 2018. Available in black or natural wood finish, The Era is the result of Hughes & Kettner's search for the ultimate acoustic amp. The full Hughes & Kettner NAMM 2018 line-up.

Diezel - The Herbert is a valve head with three channels, each distinctly voiced, and designed to have a 'looser' feel than some of their other amps (namely the VH4). It boasts typically impressive distortion sounds and vast tonal-shaping options thanks to numerous EQ and presence controls, plus their world-famous 'mid-cut' switch Find out more about the latest from Diezel here.

Koch Amps have worked in collaboration with legend Greg Koch for several years to produce "The Greg". 50 watts of EL34 power running 6 12AX7 valves for the preamp stage, which produces three footswitchable channels: Clean, Overdrive and Overdrive Boost. The Greg also features a tremolo with two modes and three controls, as well as a Fender-style reverb section complete with dwell, tone and volume controls - and it simply sounds fantastic! The mighty Koch Amps 'The Greg'!

IK Multimedia - iRig Stomp I/O is a brand new type of USB pedalboard controller that integrates a professional, high-resolution, MFi certified audio interface with MIDI input/output for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC. It comes bundled with state-of-the-art guitar, vocal processing, and recording software for flexibility and usability, both live and in the studio. Find out more about the iRig NAMM 2018 line-up here.

Keeley have released two new pedals for NAMM 2018; The Aria - a Compressor + and Red Dirt in a single box, and The Duet - Super Fat Mod and Delay+Reverb. The huge Keeley range at Andertons Music Co.

Empress Effects - The Zoia looks set to be one of the most ambitious, far-out creations from Empress team so far. It's all being kept very secret at this stage, but from what we can tell, it behaves like a sequencer with built-in modulation, filter, ambient and distortion effects that can be used for any instrument. Find out more about the Empress Effects NAMM 2018 line-up here.

Chowny are upgrading the SWB range with the SWB Pro model. Finished in Walnut with a matching headstock veneer and featuring full 18v EMG electronics with stacked treble and bass controls as well as a master volume. Chowny's full range, available now at Andertons Music Co!

Neunaber have released three new pedals for NAMM this year; The XD-1 Experimental Drive, The Immerse Reverberator and The Inspire Tri-Chorus! View the latest from Neunaber here.

Morgan are kicking off 2018 by making things bigger and louder than ever before. At the show they have the PR36, Josh Smith PR12 and a new 4x12? cabinet design as well as a sweet new plain finished Tweed 20. Take a peek at Morgan's 2018 releases here.

The Bogner Ecstacy Red and Blue pedals are incredible emulations of the iconic amplifiers that have been heard on many rock albums over the years. While they sound amazing many people have been put off by the massive size of the pedals. The Bogner NAMM 2018 line-up can be viewed here.

Atomic has announced the Amplifire 6 - the latest addition to Atomic’s award-winning Amplifire line. It redefines the performance-to-size size paradigm in guitar processing, but remains at an incredibly affordable price point! Find out more about the Atomic NAMM 2018 line-up here.

Darkglass are calling this the most versatile pre-amplifier they have ever designed. You can see why with dual distortion engines, with a blend control, a powerful six band graphic EQ and the ability to load different cabinet impulse responses to really make this your own. Check out the Darkglass Alpha Ultra Omega here.

Milkman have launched a 50watt amp with Reverb and Tremolo - oh and it's actually a pedal, and it sounds ridiculous! Read about all the Milkman NAMM 2018 release here.

GFI System has launched two new pedals; The Specular Reverb V3 and Clockwork Delay V3. GFI System's latest releases.

LR Baggs have launched the slickest looking pedals we've seen in a while - each with a different wooden finish. The LR Baggs Align pedals will bring a touch of class to your pedalboard! All of LR Baggs' newest products at Andertons Music Co.

Catalinbread - The Epoch Pre focuses solely on the preamp side of things. With a tonal spectrum that goes from old-school EP3-style warmth to a hot, modern crisp, it's designed to provide extra headroom and ensure that your signal as crystal-clear and pronounced. View all of Catalinbread's NAMM 2018 releases here.

DV Mark has launched a plethora of awesome amps including 3 signature amps for Greg Howe, Frank Gambale and Eric Gales. DV Mark's NAMM 2018 releases here.

Duesnberg has added a sparkly coating to 4 of their most renowned models - the Starplayer TV, Caribou, Paloma and Fullerton TV! The latest releases from Deusenberg!

HeadRush have now unleashed their very own tailored speaker for the cutting-edge pedalboard. Boasting a specially-voiced 12" woofer and a high-frequency compression driver, this full-range 2000W powered speaker delivers an incredibly powerful sound, with all of the clarity and headroom you'll ever need. Check out the Headrush FRFR cab here!

JHS are at it again with a couple of incredible releases that you will find at NAMM 2018 or on the Andertons shelves in just a couple of months. As usual it is all really interesting gear that sets them apart as one of the best in the business. The full JHS pedals range at Andertons Music Co, featuring their new NAMM 2018 releases.

For 2018, Lunastone have unveiled 4 brand new pedals that'll breath new life into your signal chain. Rather than reinvent the wheel with quirky effects and complex circuitry, they've stripped these crucial sounds down to their very essence, delivering beautifully responsive, organic tone in compact, minimalist enclosures! Check out the Lunastone NAMM 2018 releases here!

The Fishman Loudbox amps have become a staple among gigging acoustic guitarists; now they've taken a stride into the portable market with the Loudbox Mini Charge! This nifty bit of gear boasts an internal battery and bluetooth connectivity. All of Fishman's latest releases can be viewed here.

Electro-Harmonix has released the most comprehensive looping system the company have ever made, offering six mono tracks, stereo mixdown for each loop, up to 375 minutes worth of storage space and up to 100 loops to play with. Check out the Electro-Harmonix NAMM 2018 releases here!

For NAMM 2018 TC Electronic have unveiled 4 new compact digital pedals that are as affordable as they are practical! The Drip Spring Reverb, Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb, Gauss Tape Echo and Vibraclone Rotary are all new additions to their budget-friendly pedal range. Click to view the vast TC Electronic lineup.

Marcus Miller has teamed up with MarkBass to collaboratively design a bass head that could cover the huge range of styles he's accustomed to. And the 'Little Marcus' 500W and 800W heads are the result! All of Markbass' latest products available now at Andertons Music Co.

Laney has resurrected a prototype from back in the day, the Laney Black Country Customs LA30BL aims to deliver no-frills classic valve tones and heaps of room-filling headroom that'll have your hairs standing on end! There's also a matching cab... Read more about the Laney LA30BL here.

Schecter have just announced their vast 2018 line-up! With promising updates to fan favourites as well as some stunning eye-candy like the PT Apocalypse, Coupe Jazz Box, SLS Elites and Sun Valley Shredders, we're sure you'll love something from their fresh catalogue... Take a look at the Schecter NAMM 2018 launches here.

Mad Professor always have some amazing stuff to show off at the NAMM show and 2018 looks like it will be no different. Before the show has even begun they have announced 2 new pedals that deserve space on your pedalboard. All of Mad Professor's NAMM 2018 stompboxes here.

Your favourite Ohio-based pedal nerds EarthQuaker devices have proven themselves worthy time and time again with their outside-the-box approach to making effects. From their abstract delays and modulation sounds to their truly berzerk Data Corrupter, and everything in between, they'll make sounds that you wouldn't even dream of. Find out more about the Earthquaker Devices pedals from NAMM 2018 here.

Friedman have unveiled the latest stunning addition to their amp range; the frightfully versatile BE50 Deluxe and now the The Mic-No-Mo Cab Simulator! The entire Friedman 2018 range and more!

The UAD OX Amp Top Box is a best in class attenuator and speaker cabinet emulator. An ideal recording solution, allowing the player to get the tone they want at any volume and in any room without worrying about mic position or acoustics... Read more about the UAD OX here.

ESP has announced their lineup of new guitars for 2018, just before the NAMM show in January! The new range has some solid fan-favourites with a raft of expected upgrades, not to mention the addition of some hard-rocking models like the cutting-edge Multi-Scale range and some shiny new Signatures... Click here to find out more about the ESP 2018 range.

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