Mesa Boogie Mark Series JP-2C John Petrucci Limited Edition Head


Mesa Boogie and John Petrucci have worked together for many years now. Pretty much every Dream Theatre guitar sound has been made using a Mesa so it only made sense for him to get a signature model. Based on the long lost Mark II C+ model the JP-2C is a stunning amplifier that brings one of the worlds most loved amps back into the world. This limited edition version comes with a few small tweaks that make this powerful gigging amp a beauty to look at on stage.

Why The Mark II C+?

This amplifier is considered to be one of the greatest amps Mesa Boogie have ever made. The clean channel is well known for just how clean it is, with so much headroom even in the old combos you could fill a room with a real warm American clean tone. The lead channel was also massively loved for its massive sustain and fantastic response due to its dual cascading drive stage. There was a reason it was called the 'Liquid Lead'.

Sadly as this model was dropped in the mid 80's it is incredibly hard to get your hands on one and even if you did find one used expect to pay serious money to get it. This one variation of the Mark II is well known for going for more than twice its original asking price easily so compared to that this is a surprisingly great value option.

Limited Edition

None of the changes to the limited edition version of the amplifier change the tone but they do make it look incredible. With an Oxblood finished Flame Maple front panel, Mother Of Pearl Boogie and John Petrucci logos, a gun metal grey anodized amp bezel and a certification plate personally signed by John Petrucci and Randall Smith you are getting something just that little bit more special here.

3 Channels

One of the biggest changes that Mesa and John made to this circuit was the addition of a third channel. It is essentially a clone of channel 2 on the original Mark II C+ (and the JP-2C) so you can dial up two different levels of gain. Although it may not be called crunch it is so easy to get the mid breakup rock tone on either channel 2 or 3 thanks to that unique gain structure.

Channel 1 is of course your clean channel and just like Channel 2 and 3 sounding like they came from the Mark II C+ the clean channel is exactly the same. High headroom, warm and loud clean tones that play amazingly well with modulation and time based effects. Just take a listen to any Dream Theatre record and you will hear exactly what I mean.

Dual Footswitchable EQ's

One of the things that makes the Mark series great is the use of 5 band EQ's. Normally amps like this just have a single EQ that is footswitchable to go with the channel independent EQ's. On the JP-2C Each channel has a 3 band EQ as well as two master 5 band EQ's that can be controlled via a footswitch.

100w/60w Power Amplifier

This amp was designed to be a portable tone machine that can fill the kind of massive venues that Petrucci plays. That is why it is loaded with a powerful 100w all valve power amp fitted with a set of four 6L6 power amp tubes...this is loud! If you are entering the studio you can calm it down a bit with a single switch on the back. This turns it down from the very loud 100w to just a pretty loud 60w.

Cabclone and Headphone Out

Even with that massive power amp the JP-2C does have some incredible features that make this a great home and studio amplifier. Build in you not only have a standard DI output but also a cabinet simulator that can go out via XLR to your interface of choice or a 1/4" cable going of to your headphones. Best of all you can mute the speaker outputs (you still need cabs connected though) So you can use the amplifier at home for recording or just practice.


  • Made in Petaluma, California with the World's Finest Materials
  • All-Tube Amplifier: 4x6L6 Power Tubes / 5x12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • Class A/B Power Amp delivers exceptional power, punch & clarity
  • 100/60 Watt Selectable Global Power Switch
  • Fixed Bias for consistent, maintenance free performance
  • Two 5-Band Graphic EQs, each are Footswitchable or Channel Assignable
  • Footswitchable All-Tube, Long-Tank, Spring Reverb with Independent Channel Control (rear panel)
  • Fully Buffered, Tube FX Loop (MIDI Switchable)
  • Built-In CabClone Cabinet Simulator Output featuring: Closed-Back, Open-Back and Vintage Voices Internal Amp Load & Headphone Output Speaker On/Off & Ground Lift Switches Selectable +4 or -10 Output Level Switch
  • Slave Output
  • MIDI Switchable/Programmable via Control Change and Program Change messages (MIDI IN, MIDI Thru/Out, MIDI Channel & Store Switches) - Controls Channels 1, 2, 3, EQ 1, EQ 2, Shred, Reverb & FX Loop
  • All Aluminum Chassis
  • New 3x3, 6 Button Footswitch (Bottom Row: Channel 1, Channel 2, Channel 3 - Top Row: Reverb, EQ 1 & EQ 2)
  • Slip Cover

3 Fully Independent Channels with 5 Modes:

  • Channel 1 Features: Mark IIC+ Clean - Independent Gain, Treble, Mid/Boost (patent applied for; doubles as a standard Midrange Tone Control from 1 to 5 AND a Variable Gain Boost Control from 5 to 10, providing precise levels of sweet harmonic overdrive, from subtle to blistering), Bass, Presence, Reverb (rear panel), Assignment Switch for Dual 5-Band Graphic EQs (EQ 1 or EQ 2 - On, Off or Footswitchable) & Master Controls
  • Channel 2 Features: Legendary Mark IIC+ Lead or Shred Modes - Independent Gain w/Pull Gain Boost, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence w/Pull Frequency Shift, Reverb (rear panel), Assignment Switch for Dual 5-Band Graphic EQs (EQ 1 or EQ 2 - On, Off or Footswitchable) & Master Controls
  • Channel 3 Features: Legendary Mark IIC+ Lead or Shred Modes - Independent Gain w/Pull Gain Boost, Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence w/Pull Frequency Shift, Reverb (rear panel), Assignment Switch for Dual 5-Band Graphic EQs (EQ 1 or EQ 2 - On, Off or Footswitchable) & Master Controls
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