Marshall Studio Series Amp Range Announced

Studio friendly 20w versions of some of the best Marshall amps to grace the planet. You can now get mini versions of the legendary JCM800, 1959SLP Super Lead and the Silver Jubilee! Read more below...

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The Marshall Studio Series range are all made in the UK and consists of 3 classic amps in a re-imagined formula:

  • Studio Classic – SC20 Head, Combo and Cabs based on the mighty JCM800.
  • Studio Vintage – SV20 Head, Combo and Cabs based on the legendary 1959SLP Plexi head.
  • Studio Jubilee – Head, Combo and Cabs based on the Silver Jubilee

The Marshall Studio Series Range

What separates the Studio Series range is the ability to switch the wattage of each head and combo down from 20w to 5w when necessary and the fact that each amp is only 20w, perfect for players who don’t need a massive 100w head or combo.

Each amp has also got the ability to be plugged directly into a recording interface via the DI out (hence the name ‘Studio Range’) and this means you can record your favourite new amp without even having to mic it up!

Made in England

These amps are all single channel, all-valve and most amazingly, all made in the UK! They bridge the gap between the more affordable Chinese made Marshall amps and the slightly more expensive British-made amps.

Super Simple

Marshall have kept it simple with these amps and though they all have an effects loop to give you more control over your signal chain, they only have a single channel.

Without a master control, you can only get distortion from the amp the old-fashioned way – by turning them!

The Studio Classic is a take on the incredible JCM800 that has been used by countless rock and metal guitarists over the years including stars like Kerry King, Zakk Wylde, Tom Morello and more.

It’s got that classic British sound that you’d expect to get from a Marshall but the famous sounds are available at lower volumes than before thanks to its wattage.

The Studio Vintage is ‘that’ famous Plexi 1959 Super Lead sound in mini head format. It’s the amp sound that famous players like Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page and Eddie Van Halen loved. Hot, bluesy and stunningly over-saturated whilst still retaining mid-range clarity.

The Studio Vintage is the easiest way to get those late 60s or early 70s rock and blues tones.

The Mini Jubilee is a replica of an amp originally made in 1987 for Marshall’s 25th Anniversary and has achieved legendary status ever since thanks to its hot, saturated tones. It’s slightly fatter sounding than the Plexi but has the same mid-range heat.

It’s brilliant for slightly broken up cleans or all-out blues rock gain with a Presence control if you need to cut through the mix a bit more. This amp has been around for a while but now forms an important part of the Studio lineup.

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