NAMM 2018 - Marshall

Marshall produce some of the most popular amps in the guitar world, gracing international stages for decades & always introducing fresh ideas while staying true to their roots.

2018 will be no exception for the British manufacturer, as they prepare to roll out some truly head-turning gear! Keep an eye on this page for all of the NAMM-related Marshall news!

NAMM 2018 Andertons
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Sam Beattie

Since the 1960s, Marshall Amplification has become part of the bedrock of modern music. Their iconic amps have been used by some of the greatest and most admired musicians of all time, including Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, and countless others.

Despite their name becoming something of a lifestyle brand, it always comes back to one thing with Marshall: the sound. In 2018, they look set to unveil some incredible new gear to their vibrant range. Revived favourites, nostalgic tones, modern & affordable classics - it'll doubtless be some of the most exciting stuff we'll see at this year's NAMM! Read on for more info...

The Dual Super Lead amps have long been a staple of the Marshall range, since launching in the '90s to great critical acclaim. Known for their ultra-versatile sound as well as their surprising proficieny with high-gain sounds, they eventually came to be hailed as a modern classic. Now Marshall have unveiled the latest generation of DSLs - offering everything you loved about the originals but with several tweaks aimed at the modern player!  

First thing's first: they still deliver that unmistakable Marshall sound, British through-and-through with a shimmering high-end and gloriously full low-mids. Thanks to a combination of ECC83 and EL34 valves and that killer gain structure, these things are as punchy as they are crystal-clear. They'll respond brilliantly to little more gain than you might normally use, or if you fancy rolling it off slightly, they'll make excellent platforms for pedals! 

What's changed with the new Marshall DSL range? 

There's a DSL amp for everyone. Built-in power attenuation allows for plenty of legroom, so you can utilise the authentic tone at a threshold that suits you - you've got low power and high power to choose from. A series FX loop allows you add pedals into your chain in truly transparent fashion, so you can make the most of your amp and pedals' sounds alike. 

The EQ circuitry has been adjusted to tame the DSL's renowned low-end; this gives you more flexibility, allowing a smoother low/mid response while still giving you the option for a weighty tone if desired. The 40-watt and 100-watt models offer two voicings per channel and two footswitchable master volumes, giving you a built-in level boost. This simply adds to the DSL range's extremely versatile design.

Finally, each member has softube-designed emulated output, allowing you to set the amp to standy for silent recording or practicing. This award- winning cabinet emulation is applied to both the line out and headphone out, based on the famed Marshall 1960 cabinet. You've also got a 3.5mm jack line in, so you can connect backing tracks and other sources to jam along too - these amps really do have it all! 

Marshall DSL Amps on Andertons T.V.

Key Features:

  • Valve-tone with ECC83 and EL34 valves
  • Adjustable power output for full sound at lower volumes
  • 40-watt & 100-watt models feature two voicings per channel & two footswitchable master volumes
  • Shared EQ with improved, smoother low-end response
  • Digital reverb
  • Softube-designed emulated output for silent practice/recording
  • Compact additions to the range for practical gigging solutions

There are 7 amps to choose from in the new DSL range, many of which are familiar faces. You've got heads and combos at different price points depending on what you're after. Let's take a closer look at what's what:

  • DSL1HR - a 1W valve head with digital reverb. This beautifully compact addition boasts the same authentic sound at low volume, but thanks to its full valve design, it's highly responsive and will work brilliantly as a practice or small gigging amp. 
  • DSL1CR - a 1W 1x8" valve head with digital reverb. An identical formula to the DSL1HR head, this delightful combo delivers great valve sound at low levels. It's loaded with a single 8" Celestion G8C-15 speaker for a smooth, accurate response.
  • DSL5CR - a 5W 1x10" valve combo with digital reverb that kicks out a little more volume than its 1-watt counterpart. Ideal for small rehearsal spaces or as a valve-powered practice solution!
  • DSL20HR - a shiny new face, the 20W valve head with digital reverb packs all the punch into a compact but perfectly giggable head. Pristine cleans and gutsy distortions at your disposal, but at a tamer volume.
  • DSL20CR - utilising the same design as the DSL20HR but pumping through a 12" Celestion speaker. The ultimate British amp combination! 
  • DSL40CR - the previous DSL40 was one of our most popular amps, so we're thrilled to see its return! This is the perfect all-in-one answer to your valve amp desires; timeless tone, hugely versatile features, a top-class speaker, giggable volumes and a compact footprint - it really does tick all the boxes!
  • DSL100HR - this 100W valve head is the punchiest of the bunch. If you're playing big stages, or you just prefer the sound of valves when they're pushed to crazy temperatures, look no further than the DSL100HR. This harkens back to the Marshall stacks of old, offering blistering volumes and a highly responsive sound that's simply irresistable.

The Marshall Origin range has been created for the Marshall purist that lies within you. If you're after a single-channel amp that captures all of the timeless vibe and mojo of the original Marshall amps, but with a couple of modern tweaks, these may well do the trick!

The Origin series amps feature power switching options to increase or decrease your headroom. This essentially means how loud you need to turn it up before it distorts and you get that stunning British overdrive tone. The lower the wattage, the lower the volume needed to get it to crunch. But for bigger venues, you’ll want more headroom so that your tone sounds more ‘open’ and less compressed.

The lower wattages are perfect for home use and studio recording and the higher wattages are more transpart, creating the perfect sonic platform for the pedals (especially overdrive and fuzz) to work their magic.

Marshall Origin Amps on Andertons T.V.

Truly Classic

The Origin amps use 3 x ECC83 preamp valves and 2 x EL34 power valves to generate those classic British tones. Gritty and powerful with a strong mid-range presence, these amps can easily cut through the mix for guitar solos or hold down the rhythm section with full-bodied gusto.

Effects Loop & Emulated Output   

The Origin amps have effects loops for you to run your delays, reverbs and mods into; this is especially handy if you use the drive from the amp. It's also got an emulated output for silent recording or for running a direct sound to the front of house PA system when playing a gig. 

Tilt Control – 2 Preamp Voicings

The Origin amps have got 2 x preamps voicings (Normal & High Treble) which you can blend together using the ‘Tilt’ control knob next to the EQ section. This allows you to tailor the sound depending on the type of guitar you’re using!

The MG series first made in appearance in the in the mid-00s, offering built-in digital effects, intuitive design and solid-state power in one of the most affordable packages Marshall had offered. It's been through several iterations, the most recent being the MG Carbon Fibre series. As the name suggests, these slick amps boasted cool carbon fibre effect enclosures and striking silver interfaces. They also introduced the 'store' feature for saving your favourite tones via onboard storage.

This year, they've unveiled a revamp that tips its hat back to Marshall's roots: say hello to the Black and Gold series! Offering the crucial aspects that put the MG amps on the map, but with a tweaked modern sound and alluring brushed gold finish, this range happens to be as affordable as it is versatile! 

Key Features:

  • 4 amps to choose from: 10, 15, 30 and 50-watts
  • Classic brushed gold Marshall styling
  • Line in and headphone out connections
  • Clean/crunch channels w/ two OD voicings on selected models*
  • Shared EQ 
  • Built-in digital FX, including modulation and ambience*
  • Built-in tuner & 'store' function for your favourite sounds*

*available on 15, 30 and 50-watt models only

There are four amps to choose from in the updated MG range, designed to suit every requirement. Let's take a closer look:

  • MG10G - this diddy little number could be considered a practice amp classic. Marshall have adopted the less-is-more approach, with clean and crunch channels, two volume controls and a versatile contour control to shape your tone. Simple & intuitive!
  • MG15GFX - a big step up, this 15-watt model boasts two channels with two overdrive voicings, shared EQ, a built-in tuner, digital effects and the 'store' function for saving presets. This is the ideal low-volume all-rounder, offering plenty of sound on a budget!
  • MG30GFX - this builds on the 15-watt formula but gives you a big volume boost. Double the wattage and a larger speaker ensures a fuller response, but you get the same versatile features that put the MG range on the map.
  • MG50GFX - this 50-watt offering is the boss of the range. It offers the same versatile specs including a two channel, two-voiced overdrive, shared EQ, built-in FX, built-in tuner and so on, but it adds a dedicated delay control to the mix. Now you can combine modulation with ambience to create amazing textured sounds all from one interface! 

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