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Room for one more? UK-based Landlord FX have brewed up a fine batch of micro pedals that’ll tickle your tonal taste buds – read on for the full lowdown!

What are Landlord FX pedals?

Micro pedals have proven themselves to be irresistible, taking the guitar stompbox market by storm. Landlord FX are the latest manufacturer on the scene, offering a vibrant range of effects that are as affordable as they are small – and boy are they tasty.

Their selection ranges from crisp distortion to swaying chorus and everything in between. They even do a pint-sized tuner with an LED display – that’s the last pun, promise. Check out the full range below!

Three simple controls give you just enough room to adjust to taste; this is a no-frills chorus pedal that simply sounds great on any setting. The level control determines the blend of dry / modulated signal, while the speed and depth do what they say on the tin. Dial them back for soft modulated texture or crank them for maximum depth!

Analog delay has a certain charm about it – a dynamic warmth that’s unmistakable. The Taproom delivers this charming sound with minimal hassle. The level control allows you to dial in the amount of ambience you prefer, while the time and repeat controls do exactly what you expect them to. Crank these two to unlock wild oscillating feedback that knows no bounds!

It’s the end of the night – take a step back and let the room spin! Experiment with modulation galore with Landlord FX’s Spinning Room modulation pedal. Despite its compact form factor, the Spinning Room has plenty on offer; 11 modulation effects cover just about anything you can think of, from vintage swirling chorus to mind-bending filter effects.

Go a step further by tweaking one of three controls. Level adjusts the blend of the effect with your dry tone, while speed determines the rate of wobble. The depth control is at the centre of it all, letting your carefully tweak the intensity of modulation to taste.

Don’t be fooled by the Frothy Head’s compact format; there’s plenty on tap here. Three distinct modes allow you to effortlessly explore a broad range of delay and echo tones. Dark mode is analog-style echo that’s warm and fuzzy as anything. Lite is a slightly crisper delay, with a sparkling aftertaste. Reverse is exactly what you think it is; bubbly and unpredictable.

Level, repeat and time controls allow you to further tweak your preferred flavour. Reel them back for subtle slap-back, or go full-tilt and let the feedback roll.

The Cheeky Pint has two modes; full pint and half pint. The former is what’ll push your tone to the edge, with plenty of bite to it. The latter offers a smoother, more responsive feel that’ll sound great in any rig.

Three knobs give you just the right amount of control without complicating things. The level controls the volume, the tone tweaks the ‘shape’ of your compressed tone, while the compression knob does exactly what it says on the tin. Treat yourself to a Cheeky Pint!

The Whiskey Chaser isn’t for the faint-hearted. It offers three distinct distortion modes, each with a unique flavour:

  • Hooch - natural distortion tone, like an overdriven vintage tube amp.
  • Bourbon - more modern, high-gain distortion, with tight low end and beefy mids.
  • Scotch - classic well-defined, vintage-sounding high-gain distortion

The tone control adjusts the shape of the midrange – dial it back for scooped saturation or crank it for midrange mayhem. The distortion control has heaps of gain on tap, giving you everything from soaring rock leads to crushing modern metal riffs. Approach with caution!

As with the rest of the Landlord FX range, the Banging Hangover combines a compact enclosure with simple controls and plenty of sound on tap. It has three modes: room, plate and spring. They do exactly as they suggest, ensuring that this handy little pedal packs a real punch.

The mix control determines how much dry signal you can hear, while the tone control shapes your reverb sound. Soft, edgy, warm – the choice is yours. The reverb control is where the magic happens though. This controls the length of the reverb tail; in doing so, it takes you from soothing ambience to dizzying echoes and everything in between!

The Amber Nectar overdrive from Landlord FX might just be the flavour you’ve been craving. Despite its compact size, it offers a broad range of sweet, smooth or tangy tones that’ll taste great no matter what. The Amber Nectar offers two distinct modes: hammered and half-cut. The former is in-your-face sizzle with punchy overtones, while the latter is smooth, expressive and dynamic. The gain and tone controls can be tweaked to unlock a huge range of sweet spots. Tweak the level control to push your breakup into borderline-distortion territory.
The Happy Hour has a whopping 10 minutes of recording time onboard, along with the capacity for unlimited overdubs. Don’t be fooled by its tiny form factor – unleash your creativity. Write songs, create intricate guitar textures, play along to your own backing track – the works. You can even upload your own wav files via USB!

The Lock In is suitable for guitar, bass, extended range and more, with an impressive range of 12Hz-4186Hz. Its large screen makes it impossible to miss, even in the darkest venues and on the smokiest stages. It immediately determines the closest possible chromatic note with a sharp indicator on the right of the display – super easy to read, super easy to use.

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