Kramer Guitars

Kramer Guitars powered glam and hair metal bands in the '80s, but they're back and better than ever before! At Andertons Music Co. we have an excellent selection of their vibrant and nostalgic instruments available.

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Kramer Guitars

Founded in 1976, Kramer is an American brand that has produced some of the guitar industry's most distinctive instruments. Initially famed for its aluminium-necked electric guitars and basses in the late '70s, Kramer is perhaps most synonymous with the '80s; particularly through its association with Eddie Van Halen.

Manufacturing a number of modded S-style guitars fitted with high-output pickups and double-locking Floyd Rose tremolo systems, Kramer's Baretta and Pacer models were often seen in the hands of some of the '80s biggest guitar heroes, including Whitesnake's Vivian Campbell and Motley Crue's Mick Mars. The current 'The 84' model is heavily based on the guitar that Van Halen used during his association with the company; minus his famous striped finish!

Financial difficulties saw the original incarnation of Kramer Guitars come to an end in 1991. With some of the founders moving onto new projects, the Kramer brand was sold to Gibson in the late '90s and has now become one of its biggest divisions. Producing a number of its popular '80s guitars and new models like the Assault and Nite V, Kramer's guitars are still aimed at hard rock and metal players looking for searing tones and unparalleled playability.

Kramer Guitars FAQs

What is Kramer Guitars?

Kramer Guitars is a legendary 80s guitar brand closely associated with the hair metal genre that helped define the era. The brand went away due to financial trouble in the 90s but has since been revived to bring those classic 80s rock guitar designs to current players.

Who has played Kramer guitars?

Kramer was an 80s icon with many legendary players from that era using one at some point in their career. Kramer guitars have graced the hands of players like Eddie Van Halen, Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Vivian Campbell (Whitesnake), Mick Mars (Motley Crue) and more.

What happened to Kramer Guitars?

After their peak in the 80s, Kramer fell on hard times and by the early 90s had gone bankrupt and effectively closed down. In 1997 Gibson bought Kramer out of bankruptcy and revived the brand.