NAMM 2018 - Korg

With so much great gear covering so many areas within music technology, music performance and keyboards, it's always exciting to see what Korg have planned at the start of each year; And this NAMM,we're in for a treat...

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Ollie Mason

The Prologue is the Brand new Flagship analogue synth from Korg. Featuring the same fantastic architecture, design and ethos as the massively popular Minilogue and Monologue synths, The new Prologue features 8-voice and 16-voice versions, both equipped with a massive range of high quality sound shaping tools.

This Limited Edition version of the Arp Odyssey brings back the full size keys and authentic size of the Odyssey FS and bundles it with a limited edition version of the Korg SQ-1 sequencer. Once again it's available in the three distinct versions of the Odyssey. Whilst the Mk3 is still the most recognisable, each iteration of the synth has it's own unique charm.

Which one would you choose?

The D1 is a brand new ultra compact piano with authentic hammer action keys and a fantastic range of 30 high quality sounds. Perfect for Classical, Jazz, Blues, Rock and other styles, the D1 is the perfect practice tool that you can use at home and then take on stage with you!

The KR-55 Pro is an interesting new realistic drum machine that features recordings of pro drummers for each pattern. It's a bit like having Toontrack's EZ Drummer in hardware form- you can choose from a number of styles and patterns and sound like you have a pro drummer in your session. You can create rhythm structures for complete songs, plug in vocals and guitars and record a whole track. The KR-55 is perfect for rehearsal sessions, songwriting and live performances!

The volca series has always been a popular name at NAMM, Just last year we had the announcement for the Volca FM, with the family growing each year. This year, we see the introduction of the Volca Mix, a compact mixer specifically designed for the volca series. If you're looking to create a volca performance rig, the 4 channel volca mix completes this setup with easy to use mixing controls and global effects.

The connect is a super portable speaker and portable PA with built in bluetooth wireless connectivity and a built in mixer. The perfect intimite-gig PA or for pumping the tunes out in a work out class, the Konnect is compact, easy to use and has fantastic sound.

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